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  • In Jan 2011 i separated w my boyfriend after 8 years. Just 5 months later he was diagnosed w ALS.
    Since that moment in spite of not being a couple I do want to be by his side. Specially so because his own family is not (in my opinion) doing a great job in taking good care of him. This new reality has hit us both pretty hard....I myself feel very lost and specially so because I conflict almost on a daily basis w his mother who thinks she s entitled to decide all for him. He may be getting physically handicapped but his ability to decide is intact and he is a grown adult that does not to be treated like an infant. After the amount of stress I going through I decided to sign up to a support group in the hope that sharing feelings may help me get solid feedback from people who truly understand how this situation feels. I thank anyone who can share experiences and make me feel that I m not alone in this battle.
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