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    My wish list

    Little is known about ALS, which was discovered in 1869. In 70 years there's only one questionable drug that may extend life by three years. In 70 years! For unknown reasons, veterans have a 60 perent higher chance of developing ALS. My Wish is to find out what is causing this horrible...
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    Husband passed away

    My husband passed away after 2 years diagnosis, also. This journey is very hard on both the patient and caregiver. It robs you of so much. My prayers and hugs are with you today. Hopefully the good memories before this ALS came into your life will sustain you, and give you the strength to go...
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    Happy Birthday, Moderator Al !

    Happy Birthday Al! I am also, a June Birthday. Al, could you give me Quadbliss' site address? I have misplaced it. Hope all is well with you now. Hugs, Caroliney;-)
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    Remember We are people facing ALS

    ALS is like a snowflake different with each one. My Husband was diagnosed with ALS after 2 years. In the early stages, when his speech began a slight slur, all doctors said nothing was wrong with his speech. All tests were negative, did not show anything. Gradually, that changed, though...
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    General Life Expectancy Question

    Hi ALR269, First let me say I am very sorry of your Mother In Law's diagnosed of ALS. This is certainly a challenging disease that affects the total family. The medical staff have difficulty with answers due to the compexity of ALS. They do not know what causes it, therefore, have no idea...
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    Family Holiday Awkwardness

    Memories of our loved ones. MSDE302, Thanks for enlightning me on your feelings. I have 4 sons who may share your feelings, and we do need to share our loved ones memories always especially at our Christmas gatherings. Our loved ones would want us to be a complete family thinking of them and...
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    Your thoughts on Tracheostomies, Vents & PEGS

    Trach is not for everyone. Hi All, My experience with the PEG, was great. However, the trach, requires a little more thought and education by trained personnel. Not impossible, but more training, education, and medical needs have to be met. Do your research on the trach and vent. Hugs and...
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    Good for you! Bethu, You are on the rght tract, I agree our Doctors all including a few at the ALS clinics need more educating on ALS. I had this same problem over and over again with the ALS clinic and seemed to be educating the Doctor about various problems through my research...
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    You have a great idea! Jimmercat, Run with this idea and creat the awareness of ALS. None of us know what this disease is all about until it hits home, than, we personally become very much aware of this devasting disease. It is a thief to all of us. It robs us of our loved one' life, our...
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    What WOÕLD you do if...

    ALS Journey Hi Jennibf, Actually being a Caretaker and traveled this disease first hand, I would plan my steps before the disease progressed. After educating myself, would take the necessary steps for preparation of my future journey with ALS. This may be the only advantage to this horrible...
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    My demented year with ALS

    Hang in there! Lee, WE CAN'T BEAT ALS, BUT SURE CAN FIGHT IT, is a strong, true atitude. God Bless. Take care. Hugs, Caroliney
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    BE Careful. Fell while transferring to wheelchair.

    So glad you did not get hurt much worse. Captain Al, You are an inspiration to all of us. And you seem to make us laugh under even the most unusual circumstances. I always come to this post when I need uplifting from my friends, as you. Thanks for sharing and stay the person you are. Hugs...
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    coenzyme Q10

    CoEnzyme Q10 Take it! We need all the help for our immune system that we can furnish it. Besides much knowledge in ALS is still not there. Take care. Caroliney
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    Score One for Vets

    Veterans with ALS Making a Difference This is just wonderful news! Thanks to Jeff Faull from the Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Brigadier Gerneral Tom Mikolajcik, USAF (RET) from the South Carolina Chapter, Jim Thew from the Greater Chicago Chapter in bringing ALS awareness to the fore front...
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    One more week ...

    Enjoy yourselves Now. PDaddy, You and the wife plan things you enjoy doing or would like to do now and do it together, as a family. Treasure every moment and just enjoy yourselves. God Bless you and the family. Hugs and Prayers, Caregiver Caroliney