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  • Hi Ellen,

    I don't 'know' David personally, but I think you can change your user name and any other personal info just by going to 'User CP', and edit it any way you want.....I think. I have not really changed too much on mine, but I am pretty sure you can do it yourself.

    Give that a try, good luck,
    Hello anonymous,

    I figure David will respond in time, I imagine he's pretty busy. But as Barbie said, you/he shouldn't have any worries from this forum. Hardly anyone who isn't in our lonely group would be doing searches here, would they? Especially not any of his business clients.

    If you had been posting on the social outlets, Face Book, You Tube, etc, then I could see his concern. But I think you and he are plenty safe.....nothing to worry about, in my opinion. Has he had anyone question him about it? I doubt that seriously.

    Anyway, stay around as some alias.....no one needs to know your identity.

    Hang tough,
    I understand your concerns about internet safety--they are valid fears. I give very limited personal info--and I believe that most others here do too. The thing is the value of this forum for pals and cals is huge so i would hope you do not leave because of fear. It is so good to talk about your fears and your feelings to people who understand and I know personally this forum has helped me so much over the last few years. You can change the personal info that appears in your profile, and just do not give out specific info in posts like names, or addresses, phone numbers, company names etc.

    you really have not given out any important info that I can think of, as none of us know if Rusty is really your husband's name or your name. As a member for 6 years, I have never heard of anyone ever having a problem here with stalkers or someone taking advantage of them.

    I hope you will stay--you have a "family" here that can support you over the next few years.
    Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry about everything you are going through. You will find help and support here. Take care and all the best
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