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  • There's no need to wait. Each time you meet a new criteria, apply for the new compensation. Do you have a copy of the guidelines for A&A?
    Mike, Yes, walking with her hanging on to my shirt tails. Talking is all but gone. When with others, she interprets my mumblings. Brushing teeth... I can still do that to lesser degree than before.

    We were advised that a basic level of A&A was available to me/us/her. Which is something in the $400 monthly range. My advocate wants us to wait until my condition worsens to where I can qualify for a/the higher level of assistence. He seems to think that it's a value of two or thee K monthly. However, I do not anticipate reaching that degree of mobility for some time to come (he said hopefully). I couldn't do half of what she does by myself. Feeding primarily. Additionally, I further understand that when that time comes, that I can re-apply for the higher level of assistance. I guess I'm just looking for a confirmation of my understanding. One hears many different things from here, there and elsewhere. Thanx, Bob
    Bob, A&A requires a high degree of dependence upon others to do the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). You're still walking, talking and brushing your teeth, yes?
    Hi Bob, I'm Mike the moderator. I used to work in the VA Fee Basis section, fixing problems. I just wanted to check in with you and make sure you've got your 100% Service Connected P&T rating. Are they treating you alright?
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