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  • Hi. I am new here. I am my fathers primary caregiver and have many questions that his doctors won't answer. Maybe all you can help!

    My dad was diagnosed in March of 2011. He failed pretty quickly and was wheelchair bound by that Christmas. The doctors won't tell me how long they think he has because every patient is different. My dad has had his trach for almost a year and a feeding tube. He can talk and eat normally. He has been choking on some foods but not all the time. When would be a good time to take him off regular food? This is one of the things that keeps him happy and positive since he's lost control of everything else. I am afraid one of these times I am not going to be able to get him to stop choking. I am also curious about what the signs are when it is coming to an end.

    Any suggestions? Thank you so much in advance
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