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  • Thanks for replying :)
    I've been wobbly too as my Chris passed the Tuesday morning after Easter, so even though that date is not til the 22nd, I had many memories over Easter here.
    I am hoping the second year is going to be easier, but we know it will still be very hard. much love to you x
    That is a wonderful fundraising effort!
    I'm running a walk to d'feet MND on the anniversary of the memorial service for Chris - May 3.
    It is some comfort to give back isn't it? Tillie
    Hi Candle. I had such an awful day yesterday, as it would have been my Chris's birthday. I'm much better again today. Grieving is so hard isn't it? I hope you are doing OK. Tillie
    Candle, that kind of message about where you have come from to be here is just what I meant. I'm SO sorry about your mum's battle with MND and her passing. I would offer you support, the grieving is very hard, I think partly from watching the path to their death more than just the death itself. I truly appreciate that you are still getting your emotions to some kind of normal level, I battle that myself. Truly welcome, I would love to see you tell just that kind of short story so we can bring you into the family here. It is a great help to be with those who understand. hugs Tillie
    I will just add, that when I first joined here I had a huge need for privacy as my husband had FTD and used the internet. But I was able to introduce myself and start receiving lots of support, even as I pretended I was in the US to protect my real identity. I don't at all mean you have to identify yourself in a way that anyone stumbling in here would know it's you. Tillie
    Just found you message, which you wrote on your wall rather than mine. It's not a condition of membership, but you might notice how we support each other, and you might notice that we get lots of strange people in the DIHALS section. So introducing yourself, obviously without disclosing anything that is too personal or private just allows us to support you. That was the reason for my messages here, we would also like to support you xx
    Is a personal introduction conditional of membership? I note my post this evening is being held back, which is a shame. There's nothing sinister it's just the British way with a need for privacy, which is different to other nationalities. I won't post again.
    Hi Candle, I do wonder why you won't post us an introduction post and tell us about yourself. It would make it so much easier for us, and if you have been reading posts here since February last year, then you would know that we are a family here and get to know each other and then can support each other. I do hope you will make your own thread and tell us about yourself. Tillie
    Hopefully you will see the little number showing up the top right of the forum and make a post here to introduce yourself. It will make so much difference for us getting to know you. :) Tillie
    Hi Candle and welcome to the forum.
    Would you consider writing an introduction post to us all and tell us your story, maybe in the past CALS section or something. I think it helps a lot if we get to meet you and know you. :) Tillie
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