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  • Hi, I am staying away from this website, but wanted to know how you are doing? did you get the results of your MRI. Hope you are well and no longer thinking you have ALS.
    Hey I still have some of my original symptoms that started in January: achiness in arms and legs, tightness in calves that started in left leg, went away and is now in right leg, as well as increasing difficulty swallowing, but NOT slurring of words or choking on liquids, and tightness in neck all the time. I have had tons and tons of bloodwork taken, but Internal Med Dr.at hospital and neurologist can't come up with a diagnosis of anything. Everything comes back normal, so far. Yet I still don't feel that great. Wish you luck and keep me posted.
    Thank-you. From what I was told, ALS symptoms are progressive "clinical" weakness that usually starts in hand or foot and PROGRESSES up leg or arm. It is a debilitating weakness, NOT your arm or leg feel heavy. I had thought that my arms getting fatigued and legs feeling weak were from ALS. It would not be that kind of feeling. It would be that you can't use your leg/foot or arm/hand. I was having trouble with arm fatigue brushing teeth, and EMG was normal. I am confident that you do NOT have ALS. I hope for the best for you
    Hi there. I have been banned from this site by my husband (lol). I had a nerve conduction test and EMG. Both were normal. Told no ALS by neurologist who did thorough clinical exam before doing EMG. She said I don't have any of the symptoms. ALS neurologist agrees. Still get twitches. EMG only tested left leg and arm. would have like more but she said it isn't necessary. Still get cramps in arms and calves. but feeling of weakness in legs is GONE. So maybe after you hear that it's not ALS some of your symptoms will disappear. Good luck,. Keep me posted. Joy
    Hi there, How have you been? I have been getting worse on a daily basis and can't handle this. My legs are so weak, having trouble walking. Have constant buzzing going through my upper arms, and constant fasciculations in legs. I have pretty much diagnosed myself with ALS, but pray that I am wrong. I have to wait now for my EMG appt which is in May! I know it will be abnormal.
    Thanks, that's nice of you to remember. Had my appt. Just posted an update, so you can read it if you like. Don't know why I bother posting as I find that the comments I am getting are surprisingly mean, when others post similar fears and are treated differently. How are you doing?
    Take care,
    Hi, I can sympathise with what you are going through and hope that your symptoms are not from ALS. As for me, I feel that i am worse. Arm is definitely weaker and tricep area is very achey. Left leg still feels stiff and weak and constantly achying. I just posted a response to someone's post and pretty much got accused of being a hypochondriac. At this point that would be a welcoming diagnosis. What I don't understand is that this thread is for people wondering if their symptoms sound like ALS, and my symptoms are getting worse yet people think I'm crazy here. Anyways hopefully you will find out soon when your mri is. Did you see a neurologist yet? I am so stressed out it's unbelievable, I am so consumed with worry
    Just one thought. If you find that you get an MRi appointment that's many months away, try calling the MRI departments directly and put yourself on a cancellation/short notice list, or try going through a hospital, that's what I did.
    Yeah I get fasciculations. got tons of them in left thigh, not so many now, but left leg feels weak. Get twitches in hip, behind knee, back, and that burning pain u described in forearms (think it was you).Have tight feeling in throat all the time, prob.muscle related. Saw internal med Dr.at hospital mid Feb. He booked my MRI, it is next week. Had tons of bloodwork that didn't show anything unfortunately. Had ultrasound of thyroid today, normal. Have neurologist appt.at ALS/Neuromuscular clinic at Sunnybrook in 2 weeks. That was booked last month. I am freaking out. But will tell you not to, even though it's hard not to do.
    just read ur additional post where u say u have weakness and fasciculations and throat issues. If you can move food around mouth with tongue, mouth is not pooling with saliva, not choking on liquids, you don't have bulbar als. It sounds like what I have, which is a constant feeling like I'm being choked by a tight turtleneck. Anxiety can cause that even though its hard to believe. I am having all tests done at Sunnybrook hospital. Where r u going for ur MRi. Sunnybrook has an ALS clinic, so I hope that when I see neurologist there he/she will know if I have this monster disease.
    Hi fellow Cdn. Just read ur post. U don't seem to have any true weakness, just fatigue, and ur symptoms started 1 yr ago? or was that just the cold/hot sensation. I also have the burning sensation but have cramps in muscles, twitching, and feel left leg weaker and both arms heavy. Don't know if ALS can begin in all limbs at once. Just praying that it isn't. I am in the age grp for it, u r NOT! When is your MRI. Do u have an appt.with Neurologist? I go tomorrow to have ultrasound on neck, Tues to see internal med dr at hospital, and have MRI on the 14th of March. Never thought I'd pray for abnormal MRI, but do not want ALS. Have children I want to see grow up. I feel that if I have ALS then its a fast spreading one since its affected both arms and left leg. but get cramps in right leg too. You are too young to worry about this. Just go see a neurologist. They r trained to look for this and will order an EMG. Take care, Joy
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