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  • Hey Cali! Im a 29yr old female with same symptoms as you! Would love to chat. Also - celiac runs in my family. Since going gluten free I noticed huge improvements. It also seems I have an issue wi dairy so removing that this week as a trial. Vitamin d, cq10 and magnesium and potassium have all been helpful. As has slowing down and not stressing (easier said than done!!).
    Can i talk to you. I have the same issues
    hi caliburn, I'm a 27 yo female with your same symptoms of rigid movements when lowering muscles that have lasted about 6 weeks so far. Desperate for answers and no one seems to understand. Did you ever figure out what was going on with you? Are you better now? Thanks so much!
    I totally understand her point. I did check into Issacs but I don't really shake that badly. And truthfully I did have a spell of twitching last year when one of my students passed away. He had Duchenne MD and his passing was very sudden. I work with children with special needs so I get reminded every day how wonderful life is. My students have the kindest hearts and are truly an inspiration. At this point I'm just going to live and be happy. Ottawa girl and Beky, were both so kind to answer my posts but I just need to be content with the fact I'm ok.
    hello Caliburn,
    May I ask, Which ammounts of Noxplode and which ammounts of alc did you take?

    When did you drink it, and when did you feel your first sympthoms?

    I am currious and yes, I can relate to your story!

    all best, d.
    Hey Caliburn,

    My name is Spencer Robinson. I am messaging you in regard to your post about muscle shaking/ratcheting. I am experiencing the exact same thing, although mine began differently. I can't explain it all here because I can only use 1000 words per post, but I think we can definitely benefit each other by exchanging information.

    Please send me an email at: [email protected]

    If that is not convenient then let me know what means of communication you would prefer. Literally I have searched almost everywhere on the internet and talked to more than 25 doctors about this and no one seems to have any information regarding it. When I finally came across your post I was like, "Ha, yes! I'm not crazy!"
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