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  • Hey Cakmet.

    to start a new thread--go to one of the forums like Current Caregivers, when you are in it, you see a list of all the threads that have been started. at the top of the list on the left is a button that says "new thread" click on it and then you can post a new thread. give it a headline and then ask you questions. Good luck!
    Hi cakmet,

    saw your post and can so relate. My husband is at 6 years now and completely dependant on me physically. Just wanted to let you know that you might not get a lot of response because you put your post in an older thread. you might want to start a new one--that will get more "action" once people have read a thread a couple of times they get tired of it and move on. new threads get hit alot more. It is always better to ask a question in a new thread so you get the most answers! Dont feel bad--you are reaching out for help and we are more than willing to help you and be here for you.

    Good luck and welcome! Barbie
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