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    Weather: In Memory of Diane/Ladyinn

    Hi, another cool day here in Western Washington...high today 68. I would love to see the sun & go outside. Hubby just redid our deck & fixed my pwc but in is lightly raining so stuck inside another day.
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    This is really hard

    So sorry you have to be here..we all hate ALS. This site will be a wonderful resouce for any ? you can think of. Everyone here shares information, hints and we are always there to listen. Frankly, I get better answers to day to day challenges here than from my Doctor.
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    Caregiving ... What outsiders need to know

    What a great post..and way too true
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    Weather: In Memory of Diane/Ladyinn

    The weather here is beautiful. High today of 73 and low of 59 and no wind and yeah no rain. I hope all of you PALS & CALS have a good day. My very best friend is coming to see me this afternoon, can't wait.
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    Weather: In Memory of Diane/Ladyinn

    Surprise it's cloudy & sprinkles in Western Washington again. Sitting here in my chair with a sweatshirt on. Sorry Toto no changing of climates for me...I also have no air conditioning. Hope you all have a good day & no one falls or runs over anything in their pwc. Leslie
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    Weather: In Memory of Diane/Ladyinn

    It's about 5pm here in Western Washington...high today was 70. Currently 62 and cloudy...would love to see the sun has been a very rainy June.
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    His eyes

    I am so sorry for what you are dealing with. ALS truly damages all who have it and all CALS. Hang in there, this is a good safe place to vent and share.
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    A wee bit worried about Poet Chris

    Good luck today..your are in my prayers.
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    Reason to live?

    Sorry for your pain. Wish I had some magix words to help but I don't. I think you cals are amazing, so much work you do & then knowing you will be alone. I do think it is hardest on the cals.
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    This is too fast

    Thanks for the support. Since I am on hospice medicare won't pay for cough assist machine but checking with MDA for one. Kate, I agree please call the doctors office & put your name on the list 4 any cancellations. Kate I woulr love to chat anytime. glad 2 see a message from you...
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    This is too fast

    Thanks for the prayers..they are needed.
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    This is too fast

    Just want to vent...I am failing quickly. Just diagnosed 3-27-12 & can no longer walk, stand, situp, and very very little arm movement and now losing my voice. I'm on hospice care now (in my own home) & they have been great. I had a catheter put in and it has been good...saved me so much...
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    Do I have a sign on my back...

    Shame on that man..$775 an hour. Please let your local ALS staff know about the ripoff & love love the idea of you turning into your local investigating tv station. I so glad you have such good friends to help.
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    Whine and Cheese

    Lori, I am so sorry your husand is in so much pain. I hope you can get some help for him...hospice has been wonderful for me. My thoughts & prayers are with you Lori. Leslie
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    Hi and welcome. This is a great place to be for support and information. My replies are usually short as it's hard to type. You have been thru so much at a young age but you will get better. You have a loving heart.