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  • Dani
    Thanks for thinking of us. Things are going as well as they can, Serena still kicking (but that is all she is doing). Lost both my parents this summer, 5 weeks apart, both my girls moved out of the house so I lost some support there but we are managing well. Hope things are well with you. Thanks again
    Hi Jim,

    have not seen you on the forum for a while. Hope all is as good as can be. Regards, Dani
    Hi Jim,

    thank you for your message. I have been following your story for a while. Hope the stability with your wife continues. Regards, Dani
    Hi Jim, I was at my profile page and my eyes fixed on your moniker. How are you and Serena doing? Prayers going up for both of you.
    Jim, you and Serena are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope today is special and good for both of you.
    Hello Jim! lovely to hear from you again; what a great memory you have! I can still walk better backwards than forwards, but the margin is not much and both directions are pretty hopeless for more than a couple of occasional steps. That doctor and his opinion are still playing havoc! How strange it is that one person looses their arms and another their legs. I hope that you are both travelling OK through the changes; the arm thing - which is new to me - is pretty complex and throws you more rapidly into dependance on the people around you doesnt it.
    Every Blessing,
    Jim, This bronchitis has really taken hold of you! I will keep praying for you and Serena. How is Serena doing?
    Ann, CHF is congestive heart failure. Dad's only has about 20% function of his heart due to a bad heart attach a few year back.
    Yes, I am the most blessed on men to have such an incredable woman as my wife.
    Now that spring is here how is the view from you deck? Are you getting out and enjoying that a little?
    Jim, It's good to hear from you! But I am sorry your bronchitis is stubborn and your father's pneumonia and his injuries are present. What is CHF?
    Please give Serena my love. I'm glad for both your sakes she's a cheerful woman, Jim. I am being taken care of well--Thank you for prayers! Mine are for both of you and your Dad.
    Hi Jim,
    How are you feeling? You and Serena are still in mine and Ann's prayers. How is your dad coming along?
    I am sorry about your cold, I know how you feel about not taking a chance. Every time I get a stuffy nose I am afraid it is a cold and that I have spread my germs to my mom. Here is hoping you get over your cold fast and can get out of the basement. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and Serena.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jim! I hear you have the flu bug. Kind of a bitter/sweet day. I wish you well and know that I always pray for you and Serena.
    I am glad your dad is on the mend.
    I'm so sorry both for your father's injury and for your flu! Horrible. I will keep that in prayer. Jim, I left facebook a while back. I'm sorry that keeps me from knowing Serena! I wish I did know her. Please take good care of yourself, and...shall I ask for prayer, Jim?
    Jim, Happy Birthday to YOU! God bless you and Serena. You have both been in my thoughts and prayers.
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