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  • Sending yyou some friend suggestions via facebook. A lot of us are om there. HUGS Lori
    Originally, both my wife and I came from Fla. She from Miami, left when she was twenty but has extended family in the state. I was born in Jax. Beach and moved with the Navy when I was only one. Both my mom and dad were native Floridians, both their upbringing were really rural. I have little contact with anyone on his side

    Jersey still is the "dinner" capital of the world. Going to one is getting difficult but is one of my few pleasures. I like the Chit-Chat dinner (formerly the Tri-boro) on Passaic street in Lodi. It's a guilty pleasure, although many have expaned menus-I love a Gyro-Platter--beef with feta, yogurt sauce, salad amd a big helping of fries

    I had a track coach at Bogota HS from St.Cecilia who we called Leo who came to us when that school closed
    So how is Nj doing ? I still miss living there. I have been here in Florida a long while now. But you know what they say about taking the girl out of Jersey but not the Jersey out of the girl !!! That would be me ! I went to St. Cecilia elementary and high school and then Fairleigh Dickenson Teaneck..........then I met a cute boy and well, lets just say thats how I ventured here...........So have you always lived in Maywood ??????? I miss White Castle hanmburgers...........goodness, I havent thought about those murder burgers in a long time !.hmmmmmmmmmmm.........................
    Hi , I was just wondering about your day today? I feel so bad that you are going through a fast pace right now. I just wanted to share that I will have a week where I feel like I am progressing real fast and then it will slow up.. so I hope you will slow way down.... Hugs, linda
    Hi- You're welcome! Don't sell yourself short- I bet you're blessed to have each other!
    Well for the last six weeks or so, I have lost a great deal of mobility and easily tire. Every time I venture further than the living room, kitchen or lack of leg strength make every move a potential fall.

    I don't know why there has been such a rapid progression. I'm happy enough to eat, sleep, and read on the net.

    I continue to go to town sponsored yoga twice a week. One class is with seniors old enough to be my parents and in the other I have had to basically show up feeling that getting out of the house is therapy enough.

    I'm always thinking of something I would like to do but the fear of how much time I have looms heavy. What will I be like in two weeks or two months?
    How are you today? Do you enjoy Music? We have a thread going on Music where we are uploading music videos-would love to see what you like!
    I found your post to be accurate and heartfelt! I feel the same way. I am going to ask Beth why we can not discuss politics or our frustration with our situations. Never give up and RAGE, RAGE!! I did send you a friend request.
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