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  • Hey thanks for the pm! Sorry we had to meet on this forum.
    Where is it you live now?
    I am in lewisburg WV
    We got a bid from Universal Design out of Jacksonville. Cheaper materials, not creative in project ideas, and not prompt at all.
    If you havent already, make sure you file for mortgage insurance. You have to pay a premium but if you pass away before the house is paid off, the va will pay up to 200k towards the house payoff. You can start that when construction starts or ends. Chelsea title of the west coast was the only title company we found that would do what was necessary with the va for sah grants.

    You should have your van since it is auto approval along with pwc
    Todd Caroline, Caroline Contractors
    19003 Apian Way
    Lutz,FL 33558
    813 931 4611 office

    TODD'S CELL 813 781 6783

    He is A plus with BBB, works with the VA frequently. You can go to his website to see the work he does or I can send you pics or our remodel. You will probably need a wider sidewalk, solid surface flooring, french doors to lanai, 36 " doors in bathrooms, master bedroom and closet. You will also need roll under sinks, roll in shower and grab bars., We also replaced sliding doors and windows., and did a stucco repair plus granite countertops in the kitchen and both baths with new cabinets in both baths. Think about a bidet seat and heating light in the bathroom.

    We bought our new faucets, door handles, mirrors,towel bars and rings.

    If you have more questions let me know.
    Hi Butler, Have you applied for the sah grant then? Applying, finding a contractor, plans, will take a couple months. I have a few contacts if you need them. Let me know! .steph
    Hi, I was at James Haley today and thought of you guys. I hope your assessment is going well. I know it is tiring but it is really helpful and thorough. Eat at the café if you can. You can call in orders and have them delivered between 11 and 1. Much better than regular food there. Steph
    Hi Terry,

    You did! How cool is that! What plane(s) did you fly?

    (Terry, I edited/deleted personal information after you had a chance to read. I'm not a fan of nameless faceless people reading my visitor "conversations". Too many creepy people out there.)

    Keep in touch :)

    And, if you make more posts, (at least 12 maybe?? not sure of exact number) you will have private messaging capabilities.
    I had about given up finding the model talker information, but, I did find part of it. To speed up my synthetic voice, (with speed and pitch controls disabled) In the general parameters, down at the bottom, there is a field for "speed". Mine had a zero in it, I tried a few and found that changing it to a 2 was best. Really a 2.5 would have been better, but a 3 was too fast. However, changing it to manual mode (or whatever this is called) made all of the pre recorded phrases and individual words play back too fast. It made words that model talker created more like my voice, but any word that was my voice saying it, instead of synthesized, was messed up. I did not find a solution for this...

    Oh, I flew for Continental Airlines (which is now United, but, I stopped working when it was Continental, and my "retired" ID badge says Continental even though it is no more...

    I hope the MT stuff helps, wish I could do better.
    Congratulations:) That's a lot of work! I will have to look for the changes I made, if I don't get back to you within a reasonable amount of time, just remind me. Give me a quick cyber elbow jab, okay? Later
    Hi Terry,

    Welcome to the forum. Anything I can do, just send me a note.

    I go to the University of Michigan. They DX me with MMN after my initial DX of ALS. I now get treatment at an infusion center, starting 2 weeks ago. They love the port. Take Care, Peg
    Very glad you wrote, Terry.

    Orlando VA clinic is in the city of Winter Park. It doesn't deal with ALS much. Get a PCP and a VSO rep there if your live in Orlando.
    The best VA doctors in Orlando are Dr Sheahan and Dr Simmons.
    I use David Ray from the PVA as a VSO.
    A VA hospital is being build for Orlando, in the city of Lake Nona. Opens in a year from now.
    Write to the Orlando VAMC director Tim Liezert, to ask what the plans are for supporting ALS.

    Tampa VA is 2 hours away, but their dedicated ALS team will put you up in a very nice hotel.
    Mayo Clinic is 2 hours north in Jacksonville. Tricare pays for them.
    Our civilian neurologist was Dr Joseph in Orlando.

    If I had ALS, I would live around St Petersburg on the Gulf Coast, near the Tampa VA, the VBA Regional Office, and the USF teaching hospital. I like the seaside.

    Life CAN be good during this time. And death can be without pain, without anxiety, dignified, and uncomplicated IF you plan it right.

    -- Mike Greene
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