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    Machine/Instrument to help in speech for Bulbar Palsy patients

    You need to use your search engine for "augmentative speech devices" or "augmentative communication devices." That will provide you with many different results for artificial speech technology. Keep in mind that loss of functioning in the hands will be something to consider when getting a...
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    Love to you and your little family, Dani. Strength to you and L.
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    ALS famlies with children....

    Jodi, do you have a f b acct? There are several groups there for pALS and cALS. Maybe you could set up a link to a survey regarding this on your page. I think you have a web site, if I remember correctly. Put the survey there and post link to all ALS related f b pages and all ALS forums...
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    BarryG's Map

    That's cool, Joe, the way your icons have been chosen. I like it. No need for suggestions. Just do it!
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    Al's sandbox

    Who's tending bar? I've been sitting here for a while! Oh, I see the new pub has self serve beer. Way to go! It's draught, so I will go easy. Don't want a headache! James Taylor - You've Got A Friend - YouTube You've had too much, if you think the announcer says "You've Got a Perm!"...
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    Favourite Season, in memory of everyone

    Lass, thank you for sharing! My husband loved every minute of every day, whether it was winter, spring, summer or fall. He had "plans" for each turn of the weather/season. Thank you for reminding me of that special quality.
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    Hey! Son has pneumonia. Three shots this morning and beginning antibiotic pill regimen...

    Hey! Son has pneumonia. Three shots this morning and beginning antibiotic pill regimen tomorrow morning. He was so miserable today- to the point of crying. Poor kid. His last football game of the season is Saturday and I'm not letting him play. Hope y'all are doing alright!
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    5 year anniversary

    Great! That is wonderful! Good luck to you both!
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    Al's sandbox

    JP is one lucky guy. Let us toast to his health! I can't believe he's lived so long! This is awesome: Heart 04 Battle of Evermore - YouTube
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    Al's sandbox

    I'm voting drummer or lead singer, Lori. I could say more, but don't want to get flagged. LOL Hey folks, saw my nephew play soccer yesterday. He is very tall and, Lord have mercy, he has kangaroo feet! He did NOT inherit the Hobbit gene. He's almost 6 foot tall and is 15. Very...
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    Al's sandbox

    PZ, you've been so busy as of late that you haven't had time to tend to your establishment. Not to worry, as we have opened a new place. Suggestions are welcome. Do we need a hot tub and fire pit? Jukebox is digital now. Mean Mistreater Grand Funk Railroad - YouTube
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    Oh, Dani! You cannot avoid the guilt. That's a fact. I have admired the way you have been able to handle caring for your husband, your child and your profession. You are doing such a wonderful job. I hate that things seem topsy turvy for y'all. Either the sign on the door, the schedule of...
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    I'm so very sorry, Dani. Just know I'm holding your hand and have my arm around you. I know the look you describe. The morphine will relieve his panic and help him relax. Love to you.
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    Hello I have a few questions?

    Uh, can you be more specific?