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  • Hey CJ. Doing ok... had kind of a rough patch .. not even sure what set it off. But started working with my therapist again, working on getting my mental and physical health back and trying to get rid of some of the anxiety. Very glad I've been able to help. Will try to be around here a little more.
    I'm doing pretty good Sweets. Hanging in there as best as I can! :) Hope you and your son are too!

    Hugs to you
    Thank you C.J. for your friendship and your support to all of us on here. You are a strong lady. Hugs to you. Kim
    Just erased a message I had posted earlier concerning Heartbroken's post. I apologized to him and don't want to have a debate about his intentions anymore. Want this forum to be positive again in which we try to support and help one another.
    Does anyone have excessive saliva and constant phlegm in the throat? Any suggestions for remedies? My doctor has been no help.
    Thank you for the information on how to fight fatigue. Hope your son likes his new school. The twins were really excited about high school but that is rapidly dwindling since they are getting more homework everyday. They are both taking Algebra and it's starting to be major drama. I can't help them any because I am beyond awful at math. My husband who is pretty good with math didn't understand what they were trying to do last night either. Going to try to convince my husband to invest in a tutor for them. Take care! Kim
    Hi C.J.
    That is neat that your son is excited about his new school. You must be so proud of him. Our twins are excited about high school this year. My dad is coming Labor day weekend for a brief visit. He is getting weaker. I'm anxious to see him but nervous too. He's getting weaker. Well, I just wanted to say Hi and that I'm thinking of you. Kim
    CJ, Thank you very much for the hug! Yesterday was hard because I took my Mom shopping, hadn't done it for a while, it was very different. Of course, I knew it would be.....Take care!
    Hi friend,

    I would like to create an album with some pictures of my Pal and me. Would you help me?
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