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  • Hello everyone,
    Not sure if I am posting where anyone can see. Please respond to this message with even a simple hello so that I do know that my posts are being seen.
    Sincerely Brian
    my cousin John was diagnosed with ALS 4/12. He is an alcoholic 43 yrs old & has been for 25 yrs. He first noticed signs of ALS in 2/10. His dr's are in shock at the slow progression. One even said "maybe the alcohol has slowed it down" John lived 1200 miles away since 99 & had nobody to help. The friends he had met he wrote off when they tried. John is back & insisted on living alone he drinks all day & night for 7 days then goes home for 4 days where he does not drink. John has expressed for yrs, before the diagnosis, that he has to quit! he has a ton of regret. I want to help him anyway I can, but I don't know how! His arms, hands and legs are getting worse, but is still able to talk, breath and eats well. John also smokes when he drinks. I don't know if quitting is going to help ALS, but I believe that it will free his soul. He has expressed many times that he does not want to die drunk. He wants to be able to say he beat it! Is there any advice or info out there that can help?
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