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    Botox injections to treat spasticity.

    congrats. hope i can decrease baclofen too. my next botox early july. keep us posted
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    Peg tube feeding

    apparently there are varrious versions of this PEG. Some are put in the throat and some are put in stmach. anyone know the difference. my neuro suggested stomach and will know more early july.
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    Metamorphosis: and it Ain't Purty!

    toto those who are true friends and loving family still love us; as is; warts and all. love bb
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    Botox injections to treat spasticity.

    how and when next botox treatment on legs may 8 trxx
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    had 2nd Botox on April 12

    botox treatment for pain and to relax muscles
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    had 2nd Botox on April 12

    Toto i meant tightness of muscles and i have had all the tests
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    Botox injections to treat spasticity.

    had 2nd treatment Apil 12. went good. Added to first area of left arm and wrist by going farther up arm to bicep and left shouder. Asked neuro about injecting throat as i have bulbar palsy also. he doesn't recommend for throat as would make me more susceptible for pneumonia. now biggest...
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    Beach Bum

    Great man. Lucky for him he had your support. Be proud of him and yourselves
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    had 2nd Botox on April 12

    the first injection still works but neuro went farther up left arm and shoulder with 2nd as was starting to tighten in left bicep and shoulder. Am feeling numb in left knee and ankle aches. Does this mean the ALS is travelling? Regarding tube to make easier swallowing food, when should I...
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    Beach Bum Update

    nice to hear some good news
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    Happy 37th to my beautiful wife

    Bless you Cathy
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    We all love you Al

    AL We will miss Richard. love to you. You are our rock.
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    Botox injections to treat spasticity.

    the 2nd botox was done farther up top of left arm and shouder area towards back; he added afew jabs to left wrist but i didnt feel any lessening of effect. the december injections were still working. i have no pain in arm or hand anymore. i feel "knots" in the bicep and shoulder area but p/t...
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    rcharlton passed away

    Rip richard
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    Like a Phoenix, I am reborn.

    welcome back