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  • Hi Brenda,
    Yes, hubby switched to Dr Diggle in August. Nice man and he was very interested in hubby's history. The only problem so far is with follow up from him. He said he wanted to see hubby again before Christmas and the clinic seems to have lost his file. I have called 3 times to try to track things and keep getting shuffled on to someone else with no new appt. booked yet. So we are frustrated. But Dr. Diggle has a wonderful reputation--his underlings seem swamped and can't seem to keep track of things. How are things with you?
    Hi Brenda - my name is Chantelle and I'm working on a documentary about global health. I noticed that you're in the lower mainland (which is where the project is based out of). Wondering if I could get in touch and ask you about your experiences with ALS. You can send me a msg if you're interested. :)
    Halfin did a nice thread on this called Emotional lability Insights. I'm sorry I haven't learned how to post a link or I would send it to you. Good luck with your search. Deb
    Brenda, I read your post concerning the emotional lability you're experiencing. Ask your Doc for medication for this. I believe the new drug on the market is called Neudexta. Several folks on the forum have had a problem with this are are seeing benefits from medication. You can do a forum search for Neudexta and find some of the threads that relate to this.
    Best of luck. Deb
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