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  • Thanks for your kind words, I just don't know how I make it through each day but then it is night time and I figure I will go to sleep to try to start again the next day. Thanks again. Kelly
    hi brayden,i am making my rounds on my friends list.
    how are you doing? i hope your progression is slow and your coping ok.
    hows your weather? do you have the terrible snow?
    hope today brings you much joy.
    lots of love,caroline xxx
    I see you made it out of the
    Saw you work for a dealership, so nice of you to you ship to Hawaii?...I know cost prohibitive...everything is for me WAY out heve in the pacific 2500 miles from any major land mass...:-(
    Hope you are doing well, Have a Great day!
    Hi there my long lost friend. I was afraid you were stuck in a sand trap somewhere. Haha...BIG HUGS XOO
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