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  • Actually yes
    I recently started anti depressants a month ago
    And the muscle spasm/ twitches are almost completely gone
    I’ve been diagnosed with panic disorder, General anxiety disorder and mild depression.
    I saw it on facebook. I browsed through it a little. Im not sure what i have yet. EMG isn't till the 7th. Im praying its clean. But the muscle spasms and difficulty using my right hand and foot is getting worse.

    Hi brayden,hope everything is ok with you. Would you like to do the poll on the pls forum? As you are umn you should be counted in and I would appreciate it. Thank you. Take care. caroline.
    Hi...good looking boys you have there! I see you have a college football player...Thats Awesome!!!
    funny man. I'm not even going to bother asking if you intend to be good this year, you know, a sedate, watered down version of the Gman. Of course you won't. As for me, I have an extensive coal collection....

    What's your take on the whole Saint's bounty scandal? ... thinking of you Gman, xo
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