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    intense muscle pain?

    Pain? Hi all, I've been struggling with my right side getting weaker, the disease is getting more real for me. My anti.dep. med. has been changed and I feel better now. I went to my Dr. in the M.S./A.L.S. clinic about pain I've been having usually after 4 a.m. I wake up with intense pain...
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    See Event Announcements Please !
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    ALS Fundraiser in SASKATOON

    :-DHi everyone, I want to invite anyone who would want to come support our cause on July 9th. St. James Anglican Church, 607 Dufferine Ave. & 12th Street. (ramp is on 12th St.). Gloria Miller. Pres. of the ALS Society in Regina will be speaking at the 9:30 service with a potluck brunch to...
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    Granny Needs to Brag!

    baby Congratulations Granny, babies are sooo theraputic. SARAH
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    Ambrotose and mannatech ?

    UPDATE: Mannatech is a SCAM - don't waste your money or time on this Multi-level marketing scam! Mannatech makes this and a friend told me that it helps Auto-immune diseases, like ALS, MS, Parkinsons etc. Dose anyone have at least a 3 month trial of this for ALS? What is your opinion? Thanks...
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    What does this mean?

    Symptoms Hi Marcia, From what my Specialists say, what I read and my body is telling me, DO Not push myself, the musles do not regenerate or benefit from my former exercise routines. My lifestlye had to change, I've taken many falls because of my dropfoot. Evening time tells me that I've...
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    Extreme Makeover Home Edition

    makeover Hi David, We rent half of a duplex but it does not suit my needs right now let alone the future. We don't need or want a large house, 1,200 sq. feet with a basement would be big enough. I would be so blessed to have the home I need. My husband runs his store 6 days a week attends Tai...
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    Bad Day

    To grill or bbq? Hi Al, I am from Indiana, some call it northern Kentucky. We always said we were going to throw some burgers on the grill, or grillin' a steak. I like red wine too, esp. the dry stuff that makes ya spit cotton.:-D
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    Cost Of Things Unbelievable.

    Equipment help Hello, Here in Saskatchewan we have SK Housing Corp. that will give money to those who qualify. Income tax reports and other sources of income are things they want to know about on an application. They probably don't want to give funds to the wealthy, it is a big chunk of $$$. I...
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    Questions - tired / balance

    tired? Hi ruby, My Dr. said that tiredness is part of the disease, I think it's because our bodies have to work harder to get around. I get off balance because I don't have the same support of my left foot,toes and ankle. I can over do it just by going shopping, walking too much. I can't be...
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    Rilutek Discussion: Cost, Effectiveness and Availability

    Rilutek I have read many comments on what Rilutek does, "extends life by only 3 months" for example. My understanding is that these are months added to each year to 18 mos. of survival, so it is accumulative, I like that and hope I'm one of the 10% that live past 5 years! :)
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    Coping strategies

    Marcia, I don't mind your questions. My legs,feet,fingers,arm are weaker,I cramp/spasm easier, more fasiculating that is in my right side now. Sarah
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    Coping strategies

    Symptoms Marcia, I was diag. last Sept. I had a weak response in my left ankle, toes, hand and fingers. I had an EMG that day since I flunked the first exam. and I failed again. Sent for an MRI to rule out other diseases, passed. I was diagnosed for sure by specialists at the MS/ALS...
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    Coping strategies

    Coping? Hi Marcia, Since my symptoms are progresing far quicker than I hoped I find myself feeling angry, enough is enough, I have a wonderful husband and an almost 13 yr. old son! I guess I plan to keep myself mentally busy, distracted and trust that God will heal me in His own time. This is...
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    Coping strategies

    Hi again Marcia, Please don't apologize for your questions, that is how I learn too! I was diag. last Sept. had symptoms for about 10 years of hyper reflexes and a gradual weight loss that could not be explained. My brace is L shaped plastic with a band of stong velcro at the top that fastens...