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  • Hi Beverly,
    My email address is [email protected], I use that email for eBay and also PayPal. Yes I'm in Wisconsin.

    I am bulbar onset so all my meds are taken via my feeding tube. I break capsules apart, use powder supplements, or crush pills then mix with water and then use my feeding tube to administer them.
    My symptoms started between 2 and 3 years ago. It is so difficult to know exactly when it started because we are always remembering new clues about what was going on with me prior to actual diagnosis.
    Send me an email and also how much shipping will be on the items and I'll send you the money via PayPal!

    Thank you and again, so sorry about the loss of your Brother.
    So very sorry to hear of your Brother's passing....it is so difficult to imagine the loss of a sibling.

    I am currently on the Deanna Protocol and if you still have the supplements available, I would gladly pay shipping plus any additional.

    Let me know and prayers to you and your family!
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