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  • Hi, i read your message on the board regarding ion channels hyperexcitability, could you emphasize more on that? I was under impression that NMJ disorders with channel antibodies e.g..anti VGKC are opposite to MND as they point to neuromytonia
    Obviously excitotoxicity comes to mind, that's why I struggle to differ mnd hyperexcitability with peripheral nerve hyperexcitability
    Half year into fascis with minor neurogenic changes on the emg (fascis and fibs)
    Welcome to the club
    I'm beginning to get painful nerves too. Mostly in my wrists. When I write down all that I am experiencing, a lot points to ALS but the odd symptom points away. I don't want to to waste everyone's time and become the boy that cried wolf but something is a miss and I very scared. I think I need to push for a scan.
    hanks for taking the time to message brad. My legs feel like jelly so this could be weakness. Not really sure how to test them! And for my hands, they feel alien to me. Almost tight over the back. Like a good stretch would sort them out but sadly it doesn't.
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