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  • Sorry Błue Eyes just saw the comment on my blog. I had the cramps in my legs for about 4 months. I'm a teacher and I think being up on my feet a lot aggravated them. Drinking pickle juice in tonic water helped.
    Hi Blue Eyes - thanks for your message. I don't know how people get through life without the Lord to count on. Dianne (Texas Quilter)
    Hi Blue Eyes,
    Didn't know if you'd see it on the thread but I talked to Dalvin tonight on facebook. He is a little down with the passing of Elaine. Otherwise, he claims he is doing ok. I told him you had been concerned. He said he was also getting irritated with some of the wannabees so he has reframed from posting alot. Kim
    hey back, I had a really terse reply from David saying he won't tell anyone how many messages are needed before PM kicks in ... All I can say is that you should post replies in various threads in the main forum as I have seen that others get PM rights earlier than you have, but they are active over the forum and that may be the key.
    Then each day just check your CP to see if any PM options appear.
    Just logging in and not really participating won't do it me thinks.
    Wish I could do something to help!
    Well, I come to it naturally, but also it's chemically enhanced. :) And I've spent a lot of time feeling guilty that I wasn't doing enough to get better (it started with a stroke) and embarrassed by my failings. Then, I finally started to suspect ALS, and I spent a few months in a panicked depression... I guess I've been through the stages already and now I'm here. It has been almost five years since my first symptom. It also helps that I live in a beautiful, accessible home (thanks mom and dad), have great caregivers (Husband and mom and Brittany, who costs too much, but does more than she is technically allowed to, and we like her), and relatives who support me emotionally and financially. My husband is strong and able to lift and transfer me, so that helps A lot. And pets. :)
    >Max, Really nice house! Someone has a great decorating talent. Lovely house!

    thanks, if the va mtg goes thru before I have too go on disability! I'll shoot it empty, then each stage of the reno :).
    >I have a Canon 6D

    you might get a 50mm f1.4 and shoot 500-1,000 shots with it to get the feel. Also, if too heavy, get a Manfrotto monopod.

    An alternative is to buy a Nikon D40 ($90 on ebay body only and get an 18-200 nikkor zoom, about $450, or 18-70 Nikkor if the 18-200mm is too omuch) ... this is a great light gp everyday shooting kit. I would add an SB 400 flash, if you can. keep the 6D for special shoots. I
    don't do pro shoots anymore, can't travel or hold up the bodies w/o monopod :-(.
    Lynne, try and right a few more posts on the forum - find some threads (not in the off topic section) that you could at least comment something to.
    I see you are in your CP now, hopefully it is allowed, you just need to change some settings!
    In the CP, on the left is Setting and Options. Click that, then click Edit Options.
    If you can find some PM options you may just need to turn some of that on now. Katrina
    Lynne, I reckon you want to join in a few more conversations, your number of posts must be about right to start PM. Go to your CP again and see if you can find an option to turn them on. I have a feeling when mine started working I had to do some CP settings ... thinking of you. Katrina
    Lynne, I was just thinking this morning that David has not replied to me at all. At least he usually does within a couple of days :( He owns the forum and administers it, but he doesn't normally join in on any conversations and I doubt he visits here even. He is also easily annoyed I've found, so I'm pretty careful with him, but it was a fair question I sent him and I gave him your user name. Nikki says she doesn't have any administrator rights to do anything either... I'll give him a couple more days and try him again. I know it's crap, the people legitimately here really need some of these functions! Katrina
    thank you Lynne, I'm so glad to meet you too, I just wish we weren't all meeting because of this reason. Still I just think that we have to take and give every positive we can in life, so I am grateful for everyone I've met and learned and grown with here every single day. hugs Katrina
    Hi Lynne, yes the Riluzole can be hard on the liver - lots of people have no real trouble, others react a lot. My husband didn't like how he felt on it and stopped.
    That is so great you can meet up with another PALS. We found that so supportive, not feeling so alone. I'm still seeing the local person we met, in fact going over the tomorrow! They are concreting around the house and I'm digging out and bringing home a whole huge garden ... um I'm a bit maniac with gardens, especially since Chris went so it's win-win!
    Thanks for the update, I'm hoping David will find my PM to him soon, but in the meantime you are getting to know people here and I hope that is a good start of help. Katrina
    No problem, I've messaged David, now have to just wait patiently (ha I'm not really a patient person!)

    David owns/administers the forum, but he isn't here all that much really. Al, who started this forum is no longer with us and my understanding is that David was a friend of his and took over for him.

    He usually does get back to me within 2 days anyway.

    How are you doing?
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