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    Bathroom remodel pics

    I feel like, morning after, I am mandated to add that it turns out if you’re 5’5”-5’6”, you might want to think the toilevator. With that and the bidet, my legs dangle. It’s less than helpful. 😞
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    Bathroom remodel pics

    Thank you all the tips and suggestions. It will be finished this week. Things we tried to incorporate: Zero entry Sloped floor with linear drain Bidet with remote (Electrical outlet beside toilet) Toilevator Pull down bars on either side of toilet Accessible sink Touch less shampoo/conditioner...
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    Permobil Wheelchair Speed?

    Nope. I have slow and fast buttons. I’ll take a picture when I get back but even when I push them to their max, they seem still limited by the profile and cannot go beyond that limitation?
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    Permobil Wheelchair Speed?

    This might explain the Max of 1.5 last night. Hmm It’s the Permobil F5 VS The chair has a max speed of 7.5. I have two profiles set up - indoor (max of 1.5mph) and outdoor (max of 3 mph) and both show a turtle. It...
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    Permobil Wheelchair Speed?

    So I got my wheelchair outside for the first time ever!! I thought my wheelchair was supposed to be speedy? 3mph is my top speed? But I pressed a button or something tonight and not it will only go a top speed of 1.5 mph. What did I do and how can I fix it? I took it out tonight and I wondered...
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    PALS ROLL CALL NEW THREAD (PALS ONLY) [Wednesday or whenever]

    Thanks Nikki for saying that. I always mean to pop over here on Wednesdays but seem to miss it and have thought it was really only for Wednesdays.
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    Shower heads

    Thanks guys! So no one sees any potential problems with it? We gave up a full main bathroom for a bigger master than can house a bigger shower and we have friends who are contractors who came up with the idea and who are doing most of it. They’ll never know how grateful I am for this. We just...
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    Shower heads

    Would this work? Why or why not? ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System,LED Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head 6-Function Faucet Rain Massage System with Body Jets, Brushed Nickel (commercial link removed) Right now everything is about me. Seriously, my husband should enjoy the...
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    Personal style and ALS

    Being from Iowa, my major change has been long underwear! :) So far, not much has changed - I never was much for button tops. I did buy my first front snap bra last month. ;) I wore leggings yesterday and getting them on was a challenge and getting them off, a nightmare... SO I'm thinking not...
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    Bathroom Remodel

    Thanks all for the input. Spent some time looking through old posts - very helpful. Fold down grab bars - I'm definitely putting one to the side of the toilet. Is two fold up bars preferable to one fold up and one fixed? Thoughts? Currently legs are most affected but I can use the grab bar...
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    Pairing a twin XL bed with a hospital bed

    I know in the past that I've seen a picture of someone who was able to pair a twin XL with a hospital bed. It LOOKED like a king. So, the ALS Clinic sent over a hospital bed. I realize it's pure vanity, but dangit, I wanted our beds to LOOK like one bed. Forgive my ridiculousness, but there...
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    Bathroom Remodel

    I am over the top anxious. I'll preface that with the fact that I overthink EVERY thing. Friends, who are contractors, are remodeling our bathroom. I trust them implicitly. I just don't trust myself to know or recognize what I need. I've been "behind" in planning all along because I don't...
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    The endless todo list shortens v2.0

    She sounds stubborn like me - I like her already. 😉 You’re definitely making progress in installing and using equipment. I got my chair about a year ago and used it as a piece of obtrusive furniture to glare at for several months. I acclimated to it slowly and then in one big jump. The big jump...
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    Shoulder Subluxation

    About 16 months ago, I fell with my arm upright. I hurt the shoulder of my weak arm. It was a likely rotator cuff injury, but I didn't see a whole lot of point in pursuing a full diagnosis or methods to fix. I did receive an injection of steroids in the shoulder to take down inflammation...
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    Just finished second opinion appointment

    @TippiLeigh - and you may not know for a very long time (which is actually great because it means you get a long time!) @EricInLA, I too was dismissed, not only here, but also by my first neurologist. I felt ashamed, as though I was some sort of hypochondriac or drama queen. This month is my...