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  • hi betty... just checking up with you. Hope you are OK. Thinking of you!
    Hi Betty -- how are you doing? I hope you have found a little peace this week. Thinking of you!
    I can't seem to find the window where it requires a heading? my first message was way too long.
    I hope you had a nice mothers' day. When Wes came down he suggested i go to a ALS clinic, but I have a women doctor here in Elma, she is wonderful and has had some experience with als, but if there comes a time I guess I will have to travel to Seattle, we are not good at traveling to Seattle.

    Where is MDA/ALS and what do they do for you? I am very tired today mother day activities wore me out.
    About two years before symtoms developed, my head felt like I had little worms going around under my skull, they developed into head aches, which I take medicine daily for. I think they also help in making legs and arms feel better. My next symptoms was like I kept falling into a hole with my left foot. Then i had those funny wormy feelings in my left eye, Everything is affected except my TALKING. Breathing too is affected.
    Eating is a problem, have to have some thing runny to get meat down and watch my swallowing, but it hasn't got worse except my arms get very tired, so sometimes I lay down so I don't have to lift my arms so high. I use to like to go to lunch with friends, but now time I get to resturant am too tired to eat and talk, so have to bring my lunch home. But because I knew about ALS and falling I have been very careful, but if I take a step backward or sideways sometimes, I lose balance but so far haven't
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