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  • Hi, Betty- Thanks for your birthday wishes; you are terrific to remember me! You were the first person to send me birthday wishes when I first joined- I was so impressed & inspired! You don't post much; I hope you are doing OK. I often think of the "Class of 2008" (those of us that joined that year); I have a special connection & remember all of us in prayer! Love, Marianne
    I do have a question, with this, als, can you have better strength one day and not some much the next? Or is it always progressively getting worse?
    Thanks, Shar
    Thank you for the Birthday greeting Betty!!! Its been such a hard year huh. All I can do now is just to wish for more strength in the coming year. You have a good New Year Eve hun!!!! Hugs, Kari
    Hi, Betty- Thanks for the b-day wishes. Sorry for your progression; keep hanging in there.
    I'm sorry about Ronelle. I wondered about her as she had not been here for awhile.
    Hi Betty, you wrote to me back in June and gave me very good advice and I just wanted to say thank you, I havent been on this site in a while, but I am going to be on here a lot more often because my mom is in the ending stages of ALS and I need some support. Hearing what other people are experiencing with this disease makes me feel not so alone. Thank you again and hope to talk to you some more.
    Hi, Betty! Your thread got bummed up today and it reminded me that I haven't seen you around lately. Just wanted to see how you're doing, and to wish you a Happy New Year! Marianne
    Happy Birthday, Betty! Hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled day! Marianne
    betty... how are you? i've been so bad at keeping in touch with my friends on the forum. very saddened to learn of jennifer51's passing today. i hope you are doing OK. sending gentle, positive vibes.
    Just reading your posts on UMN dominant thread- no wonder "you're sick of it"! I understand about taking a break- I feel the same sometimes. That's hard to do, though, isn't it? Take care-Marianne
    Just stopping by to say hi! Haven't seen you post lately, but I see now you are still checking in.
    Hi Betty... I've not been around very much or keeping track of my messages... but wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers! Hope things are a little more peaceful with you. :)
    Hi. I only checked once in the chat room. I am trying to get my flower garden going. How have your been? What time in pm do you go to chat room. I signed up for patientslikeme and really like it. they sent 3 pages of instructions on how to navigate through it. I printed it, so it will help me later. Also have the medicine page, who takes what and why. very good.
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