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    Kevin, just what I needed...a bit a true laughter! I hope the beer hit the spot.
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    Kevin, I really need a pick me up. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send a picture of the dribbling beer!! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: 🍻🍻
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    Mark W. Biedron, former NJ State Board of Education President

    Christy, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dear husband. As a fellow educator of 32 years, I appreciated hearing the tribute to his life you shared. He indeed made the world a better place.
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    ARCG’s husband

    My prayers to you for peace in the passing of your beloved husband.
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    Sweet Nicole

    Jon, so sorry for the loss of your beloved. Thank you for sharing the tribute to her life, the pictures, and her remarkable poem. It is absolutely beautiful and such an honest perspective into the feelings a person with ALS struggles with and learns to appreciate over time.
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    Accessibility and home automation video

    I've said this before but now I will shout it from the mountain top: YOU ARE AMAZING! (I won't reuse Jessie's adverb) I plan to share this with my local ALS Assoc. You will inspire proud of your brilliance!!!
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    Wheelchair Ride in the Snow

    Steve, thank you so very much!!!!! I love your videos the best, as it makes me feel like I am there with you. You really were snow plowing in that chair!
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    It's Thursday! A day late, but what the hell! Some days I just can't manage to do much more than just sit. I had a visit from a good friend yesterday for lunch and a nice afternoon of catching up. So by the time she left, I was tired. Ed and all the other veterans here, thank you for your...
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    Cold limbs

    Same here as everyone has mentioned. It used to be just hands which I had to warm using a microwave rice bag to get them to work. Now the feet, ankles, and calves are ice cold most of the time needing blankets to keep warm. Return to warmth = return to baseline. I don't know of any decline...
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    What brings you joy?

    Here's one or two I will add: Watching the snow fall ❄️ Family dinners (which can result in some serious drinking) 🍷 Sleep Bagels and cream cheese (lots of cream cheese) Idea copied from Kevin and Kim :love: OK everyone else...keep those thoughts coming. I know there is JOY in your...
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    Newly Diagnosed (Day 2). I have a daughter and pregnant wife. We are devastated. Need help.

    Scott, I'm so sorry to have you here. But know you are in good company. Reading your post brings back the horrific day when I was diagnosed at age 53 and had all those feelings and emotions. Like Nikki and others have said: get a second opinion. My Neuro told us that this was our first order...
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    What brings you joy?

    My list includes: watching the birds at my feeders and identifying them communicating with other PALS in my local ALS Chapter via Zoom, texting, and email helping my son and daughter learn to cook and bake all my favorite recipes walks outside in my power wheelchair mostly on park trails trips...
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    What brings you joy?

    I was interviewed by second year doctoral PT students several days ago regarding Living with ALS as they try to understand this disease. The students asked me about therapy, adaptive devices, and modifications to my environment. Then one gentleman asked "You told us about your previous...
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    Kevin (aka the taskmaster and attendance secretary :D ), it was a busy day yesterday and I became too tired to type up my check-in. Flu shot done yesteerday morning by drive-up appointment! ALS does have a few perks. After that we had breakfast out (a rare occurance). The best part was...
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    Tolieting Issues NEED help!

    @Kristina1 So good to hear from you! I pray all is well with you. :love: How is Purewick different from the other type of catheters? I need a basics class...getting confused.