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  • Cathy, If we lived closer I'd bring you Pumpkin bread warm from the oven. I loved cooking, especially Desserts & Chocolates!!
    Latter: square; round; oval; domed filled with soft caramel, flavored fondants Daisies, Poinsettias, roses, Turtles. Chocolate covered: pecans, almonds. Frogs, about thumb size, of white green white chocolate painted brown spots with a small brush. Oh well..🤗.B
    Beauty, I used to bake all the time. I miss it so! Your desserts sound so much more decadent than mine..turtles, frogs, yummmy!!!! 😋
    On a good note, my 21 year old son and 26 year old daughter are trying their best to learn all of my specialties, most notably Christmas fudge. Just this past Sunday, my son made blue cheese dressing using the family recipe. 🥰
    Thanks for the caring message.
    Hi, There -Thank you so much for the link to Tillie's Trees. That was very kind of you and greatly appreciated. It helped confirm some thoughts, and explained some questions.
    *There's something about Koalas that makes me smile. Could it be that they look cuddly and cute?
    * Except for breeding and territorial squabbles, they appear to be rather calm creatures. I can take a lesson from that. "Don't expend energy on disagreements. Find a cosy place, curl up and let the world go by". Since it's after midnight here, I think I'll do just that.
    *Thanks again! May something beautiful today lift your spirit. B.
    Hi Cathy, sure, I'll direct you to my blog email address since I'm not comfortable posting my personal email outside of a private message. I still check it regularly: [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you!
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