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    Aetna finally paid for my NCV test

    I posted last October how Aetna denied my claim for my first NCV test in August. After much time wasted re-filing claims and finally submitting a written appeal in the mail, my doctor's office has confirmed they were paid in April. It was very frustrating because Aetna never explained in any...
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    Long Term Disability question

    In my case my doctor would support me either way. I decided to stop working.
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    Hello Everbody

    I appreciate the kind words. The impression I was given from the lady in HR was that the company would coordinate with me after 5 months to transition to Long Term Disability. I think the company pays me 50% of my salary (including what SSDI pays). I will inquire further. My insurance company...
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    Hello Everbody

    This is my first post. I guess I am ready to join your club. I am a 54 year old male. My neurologist suspects I have ALS but he does not want to make a premature diagnosis. Some test results indicated I might benefit from IVIG infusions, so I have started with that. I used up all my paid time...