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  • Hi Ruth,
    Can you talk to her doctor about the patch? I wouldn't go along with smoking in a home that was rented as a non smoking house. If your sister is bedbound, don't you control the purchase and distribution of cigarettes? In the end, you will be responsible for the clean up of the smoking. I was a smoker for 25 years - loved them. Quitting was one of the hardest things I ever did. Missy
    Hi Ruth Dee here. Well we made to Africa and back in one piece. Would love to tell you about it. Can you send me a mail to [email protected] and I will mail you. I am reluctant to post too much on the forum as I feel my brother or his wife may join this forum at some stage and I would feel that I was telling their story before they get a chance to tell it themselves. Hope all is well with you and Marsha X
    Hi Ruth, I hope the arrangements are coming along for you and Marsha. I agree that she's probably compensating in her walking and the good leg is having a muscle or tendon in rebellion. Most likely as I understand it, she'll begin with foot drop in the other leg, although I did have some weakness in the second leg before foot drop--and since concluded it probably had also been in the "first leg to go" but not something I'd noticed that early on. Weakness is not being able to lift the leg. Marsha's new problem isn't weakness (as we define it for ALS). Best thoughts and hugs, Ann
    Hi again BigSista'
    thanks for your message. You are obviously working so hard to pull everything together. Its very hard to accomodate everybody but I am certain that the arrangements will come together. I will let you know how we get on in Africa. I got my vaccinations yesterday morning. As I sat in the waiting room I suddenly thought " Am I going to get a shot in my arm or elsewhere?" I got completely flustered as I was wearing a dress and couldnt remember what kind of underwear I was wearing. I was very relieved when I was told it was all going into my arm!
    lots of Love to you, your sister and her daughter X
    Hi Ruth,

    I just read your post concerning bone density and ALS - wondering if there is a connection. Well, I am 63years old and a PALS. I started falling in 2004- and haven't broken a bone. I have cracked my head open, going down 14 stairs on my head, (twice) but never broke a bone. I have fallen outside and cut my hand on a piece of wire, again requiring stitches, but didn't break a bone. Last summer I fell flat on my face on the cement garage floor - resulting in a black eye where my glasses were pushed into my face, a bloody nose, and stitches in my lower lip where my teeth bit through it! But no broken bones. :) My family doctor is amazed but has concluded that ALS works in my favor when I fall. You see, since I can't move my arms or legs very fast, I don't reach outy to stop the fall, but instead, just go like a rag doll and therefore don't shatter any bones!! Of course all doctors keep telling me they want me to use aides to prevent falls in the first place!
    Hi BigSista.
    I feel so much for you and your family. My brother Mike, age 43, was diagnosed 6 months ago but symptoms began over a year ago. Similar to yourselves, one sister lives in Atlanta and another brother in Africa. Our youngest brother recently returned home from the US back here to Ireland and I am so glad that he is here as we need him so much. I live two hours from Mike so I only get to see him at weekends and at times I feel so useless.
    However, our brother in Africa has brought forward his wedding to October 8th so that Mike could attend and we are gonna do it. Mike, myself and Rory, our youngest brother. We are basically remortgaging our houses, selling our kids etc. in order to finance this trip. I only hope and pray that Mike will be able to enjoy it.
    Hang in there. We are pulling and rooting for you X
    You two are so funny. Oh, I'm fanning myself, as I read that I'm "invaluable". Paul, consider Ruth and I "hooked". LOL. Ruth, it will be so great having you in the pub with me. I like G and T without the G but with a twist of lime. Or a V-8.

    Ruth, so very glad you're here.
    Abbass Child (Ann) has been my mentor. Absolutely invaluable. Hope you guys hook up soon.
    Ha! I think I found you! BigSista ... really! I'm Brother .... what's going on here?
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