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  • I'm sorry for the awful diagnoses for both your parents, I can't imagine the devastation you must feel and the amount of burden to cope with trying to assist them both. Once you have made a certain amount of posts here, (I'm never sure if it's 15 or 25) we will be able to private message if that will help you any.

    In the meantime, this forum is all about support, I've found that I feel more supported myself when I give to others here. So use it to gain the support you need. Don't ever let anyone downplay what you are going through, this is as big as it gets! Katrina/Tillie

    I am new to the forum. It's so nice to know there is support because I have felt helpless caring for my parents by myself for quite some time. My mom has advanced MS and my dad has ALS/FTD. I have no other family to help. Life has been quite a whirlwind to say the least. I look forward to meeting others in the forum.
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