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  • Thinking of you Mark. My kids and I are going to see my dad over the Columbus day weekend. He's losing more mobility. But, he can still breathe good and can still eat most things. However, someone does have to feed him because his arms and hands barely work anymore. But, he remains in good spirits. Take care, Kim
    Hi Big Mark, glad to see you on line right now!! I was just thinking how much I missed you and thought I would check in. Love you!!!!!
    Hey Mark. You do know I'm now whooping your ar$e on posts don't you?? That's cause I never shut up!!
    Janelle xx
    Hey mark.
    Connor, my 11year old, wants to know how the corvette conversion is going? He remembered someone suggested you cut a hole in the side. I think he's hoping you will go with it!
    Good to see you are checking in.
    God bless, Janelle x
    Hi Mark,
    Hope you are doing ok. I loved the pics of your new haircut. It's pretty cool. Take care, Kim
    This damn Apple needs doing what Newton did to his with A LOT of force...how's that for Gravity! Sorry, bit of a rant, couldn't get this copied and pasted as easily as I'd hoped.

    Anyway...figured out VERY easily what your reply meant now I'm too scared to ask what 'hp' means!

    Originally Posted by gregk View Post

    Hey Mark. I'm sure it was you who used the word 'technotard'...I tried to copy and paste something you'd written here. Nope. Not gonna happen!
    I was reading your post to...1st post about your kids. Mine are 13 and 11 (in 48 days but who's counting!). I guess they deal with all this as best they can. Mine suffocate me a bit actually. They thought for a while if they were with me all the time I wouldn't die. This was before PLS was on the table. Sometimes I just want peace and quiet. I should be careful what I wish for.
    The upshot of this message is...hopefully in their time they will come around,so to speak. Don't give up on them. I also remember this is not quite your department, but I will keep them (and you) in my prayers...one thing I'm learning is to look for silver linings and I really hope your bond with your kids provides a silver lining for you. God Bless, Janelle x
    Hi Mark,
    I talk to Dalvin every couple of days on f.b. I would talk to him everyday but I'm always worried that it tires him out to type and all. Same kind of situation with my dad. I would call dad more then once a day but right now it is hard for him to even push the one button. They got him that eye gaze thing but he still is getting used to it. This disease is so damn awful. You are doing alot for Dalvin though by just listening to him and being his friend. You have a big heart Mark. I am so sorry that you are having to go through all this yourself. Big hug to you, Kim
    Hi Mark,
    How are you getting along? My dad is starting to lose quite a bit more use of his hands. He is starting to have someone come and help to feed him now. He had a touch of the stomach flu yesterday but is doing much better today. He is anxious for warmer weather so he can get out more in his PWC and get more fresh air. I just got out of the hospital for depression. I'm doing a little bit better. I had a very unpleasant doctor so it wasn't a very good experience to say the least. He was beyond rude. But, they naturally aren't going to listen to a depressed patient who complains. So, I had to put up with the jerk. Take care, Kim
    Hi Mark,
    Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope things are going as good as they can for you dealing with this monster. I care! Hugs, Kim
    hey mark, i saw some of your posts and had some symptom related questions. I've been worried about ALS for months now and i feel like you might have some answers
    Merry Christmas Mark ! Hope you get to see those beautiful grandkids over the holidays. Hope your week is going ok. I am kind of a scrooge this year. I'm kinda anxious for the holidays to get over with. Take care, Kim
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