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  • Hi Mark,
    Just stopping in to say Hi! I log on here quite a bit to check on everyone but I don't feel like I can contribute much. I'm doing ok. Really, miss my dad alot but know he's in a better place now. I go to a grief support group every two weeks and it helps to talk about things.
    I was just in the hospital myself Sunday. I ended up having surgery Monday to remove a kidney stone. Boy, was I ever in pain. I feel so much better now that it's out. Take care, Kim
    Hi Mark,
    Just popped in to say Hi! Hope you are behaving yourself. I'm doing ok. Anxious for May when our twins will graduate from high school. It hasn't been the best experience. I just want the school drama to be over. There has been alot of stress.
    I love Cooper the beagle I adopted. He is so loveable. He still pulls alot on the leash when I taken him for walks which drives me crazy. But, that's because Beagle's are meant for hunting dogs. Not my favorite breed of dogs. But, he's a sweeties. Take care, Kim
    Mark! I'm so glad someone else wrote no one deserves this curse. You commented on my post saying you cringe looking back and I said same here. While I'm younger I too have days of being consumed with regret and hating myself and think God is surely punishing me. No one wakes up thinking I'm going to be a arsehole today or take the wrong path in life. All humans are fallible. All that matters is we change once we realise our mistakes and learn from them. If bad people deserve ALS I'm sure paedophiles would be first on the list not you. If you believe in Jesus he came to save sinners more than the righteous. Take care
    Hi! Just dropped in to say Hello. Hope you are doing as good as possible. I'm sure missing my dad something terrible but am trying to hang in there. My new beagle dog Cooper is a little sweetheart. I must say thought that I hate taking him for walks though when it's extremely cold. Since he's a hunting dog he likes to goof off instead of getting down to the business at hand. I just want to pick him up then and shake the shit out of him. lol Take care, Kim
    Hi you.......I don't know why but it's so comforting to know you are so close......Thank you for the comment....... Hope you are well..... Thank you again
    Merry Christmas Mark. Hope it is a good day for you. I'm here at work working the midnight shift. I had a nice Christmas Eve with my kids, their dad, and my aunt tonite. I miss my dad terribly but am so glad he isn't suffering. He had a good positive attitude even up to the end. I am so glad he went fast at the end and didn't linger. I got to hold his hand and tell him I loved him at the end. That brought me some comfort. Take care, Kim
    Congratulations on the new granddaughter. That is something to be excited about. I am having a rough time missing dad so much. I am so happy for him but my heart is broken. The end came so fast even though we new it was always coming. My dad had Hospice for less then 12 hours. They were very good about giving him morphine and Ativan constantly. He could have lingered for a week or so but luckily God took him home.
    The new owner of my dad's old movie theatre down town put pictures of my dad in the poster cases and turned on the Marquee lights for two nights. The Marquee read "Thanks for the memories M. Stephens. My dad's name was Mike. The police took the funeral procession downtown by my dad's theatre. He would have loved it. He loved the movie business. Take care, Kim
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I'm thankful I got to know you through this forum. I got alot of valueable information from here and strength. I some much also enjoy your humor when the tension gets high. You are a man with a big heart Mark. You are always in my prayers and thoughts. Hugs, Kim
    Hi there! Good to see you're on tonight. I'm always so glad to see when you've posted. I know it's a tough fight, wish I had a magic wand. Just know we're thinking of you and Kamama. Hugs to you both.
    Hi bigmark, I just sent you a p.m. but I'm not sure if I did it right, and if it went thru. Just wanted to let you know. Thanx.
    Hi bigmark...we don't know each other, but I just want to let you know that when I see you are posting it makes me happy. best, Laura.
    Also, I love your humor so much!
    Hi Mark,
    We had a nice visit with my dad over the Columbus day weekend. He is still hanging in there. We enjoyed going over to my brother's house for a cookout and relaxing out on his patio. My dad got to see all 6 of his grandkids all in one place. Which is very rare since two are in college now. We got a pic of him with them. Take care. Hugs, Kim
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