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  • Mark, my heart jumped when I saw a post from you today. I've stayed away from the Forum for a long time--losing people I'd come to love was one of the reasons. I do pop in now and then, and seeing you online was a joy. I don't know your current situation, since I haven't been around, but I hope you are squeezing every possible moment of love out of life.
    This is Skipper66 (Kim). I'm sorry to report that I saw on facebook that Greg passed away peacefully at home a few months ago. Dalvin isn't in good shape but is hanging in there.
    Thanks Skipper......Hope things are going well for you!
    Skipper, thank you for answering when I skipped out again. Mark, I've seen the forum change and change back over the years--I am so sorry that you don't feel comfortable there now. It is and should be your place, and perhaps there are others wishing for your wonderful brand of heathenism!!! Are you in the FB PALS group? Any like minded folks there?
    Trying to type by myself with knuckles

    How you do this by yourself mark?

    Can you get some club help?.

    Are you a vet? I hope so!

    4 years dx for me but last 2 months have put a hurting on me. Everything f*cking up!

    Can’t imagine doing this solo..

    When ridding my PWC. Down the street I close my eyes and dream I am on a bike.

    Here is my email so we don’t have to go through the forum.

    [email protected].

    Like I said I am fading fast at this point,no time outs,no platues.

    Glad you got HARLEY, Think ya might need more help at some point

    Hang in there bro thanks for the good text. Later. Chally
    Hey mark hope your doing ok over these last days of the year

    Thinking of you, I try to not give up,it’s over when it’s over

    Have a good day
    Hi Mark,
    Hope you are doing as well as possible right now. I think of you often. I pop in on the forum every once in awhile. Since I wasn't my dad's caregiver I don't post much because I don't think I'd be that much help. I can't believe it will be 3 years in November since my dad died. Thanks to Hospice my dad did pass peacefully.
    Our twins are going to turn 21 on Sept. 19th. They have grown up too fast. Our youngest son is a freshman in high school now and is doing extremely well in school.
    Dalvin is still hanging in there but he says very weak. I message him from time to time and tell him I'm thinking of him. I know it's hard for him to type now. Just wanted to say Hello to you. I saw where you weren't on for awhile and I was concerned.
    Love and hugs, Kim 'Skipper".
    Hi Mark,
    Hope things are going ok for you. Things are about the same for me. Sure do miss my dad but know he's in a better place. It will be a year on November 21st since he passed. My dad's first cousin was diagnosed with ALS just a few weeks before dad passed. Some of my relatives are now in a panic thinking it might be in our genes. I don't really dwell on that. My mom died of cancer. So, I might get that too. I just try to live for the moment. I think Dalvin is getting weaker but still hanging in there from my fb chats. It's hard for him to type so I don't talk to him as often. I just wanted to say Hi. Take care, Kim
    Hi Mark,
    Wishing you a Happy 4th of July weekend. I'm not doing much but working. But, I get off early enough to go see the fireworks if I decide too. Seen so many over the years that they don't excite me that much anymore. lol Take care, Kim
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