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  • Happy you are over you ALS anxiety- but I think you ought to get out there in the real world- it's a big beautiful place- go see it. You have your whole life ahead of you (I know- I sound like a Mom- can't help it!)- go raise money for us. Better yet- study hard and find us a cure! You can do anything you put your mind to. There are plenty of us here to help the DIHALS - go away and come back with a hi once in awhile- I think (as a Mom), it would be better for you!
    Why are you on the forum? Not complaining- just asking. You are a young healthy person, with no ALS and not caring for a PALS. Are you not increasing your anxiety by hanging out here? And counseling other DIHALS about their own anxieties strikes me as odd given your threads.
    Again, not complaining- just wondering.
    Noticed that you have been making amazing efforts to control your anxiety and that you posting to try and help others to control their anxiety. Kudos!
    Just to help you with anxiety, my tongue does similar things to yours and I do NOT have ALS.
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