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  • Mary, missing you here and at tea... so glad that you and Sam got to have the trip and meet the others. May you be flying with the angels and peace to your family.
    Sweet Mary.

    I miss you! You are the nicest lady ever. I'm truly grateful for having met you in person. You are an inspiration to me. I will pray for your family, as they learn to find their way in this world without your guiding hand. I know you will be watching and loving them from heaven. Goodnight sweet friend. xxxx
    Hi! How are things going for you? Just dropped by to wish you a Happy Easter. Take care, Kim
    Your PM didn't offend me at all. Having some difficulties at my homefront so I haven't been on that much. Kim
    Merry Christmas my Mary! Got any big plans? We're going to stay home for a quiet Christmas and watch movies and drink eggnog. Nothing big. We'll go to the evening Christmas service at the Luthran Church down the road. I'm looking forward to it.
    Love to you and your Dear One.
    Hey there stranger! Miss you! Don't stay away anymore, ok? We all get discouraged from time to time and being here with all these wonderful folks helps me snap out of any funks. Welcome back Mary. Xoxoxo
    Mary, it must be difficult to see the school year begin--I do remember well how it was strange for several Septembers not to go back...and found that the beach is wonderful in September. You did the right thing. That questioning at the time of each shift is normal...I never questioned for very long, though. Love, Ann
    Hi Mary, You sound so cheerful, and I am glad! My PM is full, and culling is hard to do, which is why I'm on your page! I hope your day is terrific, and wonder if you have further adventures planned for this summer?
    Mary, it sure is hot--and I'm sorry for both of us, lol. I have spilled my cold water on me, even to the point of it going sideways and hitting the open laptop, yikes. Phil's begun his weekend so was available to mop it up, remove the sheet and open up everything to dry. But, such a minor thing. No damage, pleasant problem. Love,
    Still calling for 100 here, Mary. My hands are following your path. The wheelchair generally helps folks get it. Until then, you do look "normal". A whacky but difficult problem.
    My hands say hello to your own and sympathize--no splints yet, but the curling has begun. HOT here, Mary. I hope your temps are good for a long stretch!
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