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  • No it's pretty clear the outline of ALS.. I'm assuming it's like weakness like I had with drop foot.. Mine is just extra heavy tired limbs that don't like exercise. They cannot find reason for atrophy but I think the experts here on ALS know more than nuros on their diesease. Have you looked at BFS help. I don't fit in to exact criteria but pretty much close.
    Also, did your neurologist say it was possible to have atrophy in ALS without weakness first proceeding it?

    Hey . ,

    When you said you clearly saw dents and shape change were you talkiing about my pictures or you? Is your weakness permanent or intermittent? I have tingling too.

    I need to hear what you have to say? What makes you think I care what you have to say?
    Thank you , I was looking for her name , I knew it was somewhere! I'm not sure who has to approve my message but I think Write deserves to hear what I have to say. Thanks for providing helpful info
    Hi Bfloyd...if you could email me the ussername and email address that you signed up on the BFS site I can get you activated..My email address is [email protected]'ll keep my eyes open for you.:)
    They live in cummings on lake Lanier , so if you go towards the big outlet mall it's about 45 min from Cummings .. (away from downtown) my brother in law Ralph and kid big into bikes.
    No problem. You appear to be a rational "twitcher". I could go into a lot of detail, but I will spare you. My BFS or BCFS has been ongoing for 23 years. I would say it has worsened with time, but a much bigger concern is depression and health anxiety that accompanies it sometimes. Mainly due to one's fear of a serious neurological illness and the need to "name" what you have. Some people have that and some don't. I write to you to simply say have faith in the doctors - BCFS is really trivial once you wrap your head around it. Good luck!
    Hope I followed the stickys. I can only imagin the frustration you feel at times with people. Thanks
    Hello, I finally posted in main forum, I had done way to many letters and it kicked it back. If you don't mind watching for it....Thanks
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