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  • CHEESE! I hope you and Paul are doing okay today. Sending warm thoughts your way!
    Hi Beth, sending ((((hugs)))) to you too! I don't think Rosella will mind sharing them. Thinking of you and missing you
    Just sending love and generally positive and healing energy your way, Sweet Beth. I hope all the messages don't overwhelm you but you are just sooooo missed around here. xoxoxoxo
    One of many looking forward to hearing from you, and hope you are doing ok.
    I know you will have a ton of "mail" when you get back, but just wanted to say hi & hope you are getting lots of help. We love you & miss you! Marianne
    I hope you are watching the Lost premiere tonight, my fellow Lostie... miss you!
    Feel better real soon ok? xoxo
    Beth, glad to hear that everything is ok. Get better quick! Miss your wit!
    bethu, sorry to hear of your fall. hope all is better now. hugs and prayers...c
    yes, exactly.. mom wants the day to day medical supervision and support but not the "prepare yourself for death." I think hospice and health care overall has a long way to go in offering options and useful help. Heard Obama is going to propose some sort of tax credit for elder care in his state of the union address... The producer side of me wants to turn this all into a documentary, but the daughter side of me is not so sure...;) We'll see what the next week brings.

    You have an Itunes account?
    Hi, Beth, I think about you two as well and am sending such good thoughts. I still hope I can help you out some day. I am packing up a few more things to head back up north to be with mom. I think I am still in such denial. Not sure where to turn next, but my analytical and my emotional mind is a bit afraid of hospice...when the first words out of the Hospice Director's mouth are about using morphine... Mom just wants each day to be a good day and she is coming to terms with there no treatments other than what she is doing, but she still talks about fighting and going to other clinics -- so it is very hard to know what and when is the right time. Pulmonologist did not even take her FVC -- she is on BiPAP 23 hours a day, but she is still walking and has use of hands .... Sorry to go on, just not sure I want to post to entire forum yet.
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