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    27 Year Old Male - Could This Be ALS?

    1-You do not have ALS so the mucus/swallowing thing would not be his department. 2-He has you coming back to cover his butt at because someone (you) have extreme health anxiety about a disease you do not have. He is putting your mind at ease. You do not, do not, do not have ALS. When in the...
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    Please help!! My body is failing me, desperate, bad symptoms progressing and now affecting my face!

    When my husband was diagnosed with ALS, his foot strength was 0 out of 5, which means a completely dead set of muscles. That foot was tested and it showed ALS so, like your symptoms, your theory of "too weak to test" when it comes to ALS, does not match up. You symptoms simply do not add up to...
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    Could it be ALS?

    You don't have ALS. Why aren't you grateful for this? Any further questions really should be brought to your physician as this is not a general health anxiety forum. Best of luck to you in your future. Take good care.
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    Back After 7 months...

    Julie, all you've been thinking about is ALS, so please don't say that's not what you were thinking about. You posted in February, April, and now again. When in the world are you going to let this go? You are your own worst enemy when it comes to fascination of this disease. Clearly you are...
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    27 Year Old Male - Could This Be ALS?

    No, nothing, zip, zero, nada of your symptoms describe ALS. Try to de-stress and put less on your plate. Also, perhaps you should address the obvious health anxiety you are experiencing. Good luck to you and take good care.
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    Flail arm or limb?

    Flail arm comes after an inability to do something, as does muscle wasting. So, what is it you cannot do? I, myself, have never heard of limb jerking with ALS.
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    Neurological symptoms started 25 years ago.....

    Alright, I think your posting is maxed out until you get your EMG results. You are coming to an ALS site for dying people and their loved ones and going on and on and on and on about symptoms that are not ALS indicative. You've been asked not to post until your EMG reults are in yet...
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    Constant hiccups?

    Karen, Wayne has been on magnesium for a few days now at 1 X 500 mg daily and it has helped a lot. His hiccups are much fewer and much more quiet. For those PALS who do have the issue with hiccuping, we give the magnesium a big thumbs up for reducing them. Wayne hiccuped loudly and forcefully...
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    Please help!! My body is failing me, desperate, bad symptoms progressing and now affecting my face!

    Unfortunately, until you have your EMG, there's no point in letting yourself fall to pieces. To me, and my experience with many, many ALS individuals, your symptoms are not suggestive of ALS at all. What day is your EMG? If they find something sinister they typically let you know ASAP. I...
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    Kay is flying free

    Fly free, Kay. You are no longer burdened by this horrific beast. Marcia, much love to you and your family. Hugs to you.
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    Constant hiccups?

    Ok, well that makes me feel better. Phew! Let's hope that his does the same. Thanks, Nikki.
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    Constant hiccups?

    We were just at clinic on Wednesday and the respirologist said everything looks good but that his previous PE could have contributed to his lower PFT numbers. We go back in November to check numbers again and see where we stand. Hopefully that was what is the cause of the lower numbers and not...
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    Constant hiccups?

    His PFT showed that he went down 6 points from April- 93 down to 87. We'll try the magnesium.and see if that helps. I can't imagine it feels good to be swallowing all this extra air. Swallowing is still good, though, thankfully.
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    Constant hiccups?

    Hello, My PALS has started to hiccup constantly. It's been going on for about a month and is loud and occurs 20-30 times a day, from the minute he wakes up until bed. Anyone know what this could mean? I have read that it could be UMN related but not sure if that's true. Thanks
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    Help with my symptoms! Any help is appreciated.

    You do not have ALS symptoms, so you can move on. Again, congratulations on a clean EMG, clean clinical exam and no ALS symptoms. Best of luck to you in your life. Take good care.