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  • Post Dynavox V Series 5 Speech Device - For Sale --
    I am selling a virtually unused Dynavox V, Series 5, North American English Speaking, 256MB Ram, 40 Gig, Speech Device. My mother was diagnosed last year with ALS and her speech quickly deteriorated until she acquired this device to communicate with others. My moms illness progressed until she passed away recently and I hope to pass this device on to someone who needs it. I am selling this device at a very large discount as it is very expensive and out of the price range of those most in need.
    The Dynavox comes with
    Dynavox V Series 5 Console
    Carry Case
    Software installed
    Wall Charger
    Detailed Manual for Hardware and Software
    USB Keyboard
    Dry Dynavox pen for easy push screen use
    Included Dynavox pamphlets
    I am willing to sell this device for $3,000
    The Dynavox is brand new can be easily set up to the user’s specifications and settings.
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