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  • hey there,
    how are you, my names trent, i have had so many symptoms and tests for 4 months now, a post from you raised my attention as you asked another member what happens when he yawns? well i am wondering why as i have tremor, maybe muscle weakness issues, or postural tremors and when i yawn is when they are at there worse..my body shakes like it never has before...any insight into that?
    You have been busy!. Thanks for your reply. I did not ask for any details regarding my EMG results- I realized that may sound naive, and perhaps it is, but I knew any explanation would be Greek to me.(and frankly- I got diagnosis 10 minutes after the test- so I was quite shell shocked. I recall getting the needles in both legs, arms & hands. Good luck- and let me know!
    Sorry you are going through this too. I don't have insurance so i don't have any tests coming up :( My difficulty walking is intermittent, but it seems to be worse when i get out of the shower and even worse when blow drying my hair. I did have some symptoms of sciatica beginning in April and my sinus infection in May intensified everything. I also had a painless limp for a few months..it was really strange. I just felt the need to limp in my right leg. Could that be foot drop? My insomnia w/ fatigue, head pressure, arm weakness/tremor, and trouble walking are my worst symptoms. I don't mind the muscle twitches either, i just want to know what the heck is going on with me! Just curious, have you ever taken klonopin or any similar meds? I sometimes wonder if my symptoms could be a result of it or withdrawal.

    Anyway, Good luck on your MRI and please let me know how it goes! By the way...I'm 39 and my twin is in menopause w/ lots of crazy symptoms.
    Glad to know I'm not the only one.. While I've gotten feedback that it's menopause (I'm 38), and to stop trying to diagnose myself (hey! I'm trying to convince myself it's NOT ALS,), you are the first that said "yep, me too, sucks right?"... So thanks for that. :). I'm going this morning for yet another MRI of my neck and thoracic back, more localized and specific to cord abnormalities, in an effort to identify what might be crunched in there that is causing my symptoms. Honestly, since there is little pain, I could deal with the twitches, it's the difficulty walking and fatigue that are getting to me.. But fingers crossed! Hope you are well...do you have any more tests coming up?
    Wow. I read your post and u sound exactly like me! Weakness with the blowdryer when bending, left arm shaking and weakness, tremoring fingers and muscle twitches. Hehe im also on my i pad and always watch the cat videos to cheer me up. Anyway, u arent alone. I dont have an als diagnosis but i could swear i was reading about myself when i saw your posts.
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