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  • Don't worry about your family, just love them Becky. God will provide you and your family with what you need most.
    love you ((hugs))
    Yes, I've had for 8 months now. I can no longer eat so it is keeping me alive. I bless God for getting it when I did. How are you doing?
    Praying for you Becky! You sound like a strong lady. Sorry, you have to go through all this. Hope today is a good day for you.
    Hi Becky. Check out my messages to Judy on my message board concerning my experience so far with my hospital bed.
    Hi Becky, I responded to your bipap thread, but it was sent to moderation and has never shown up! I have the same problems. I ordered a mask from c pap supply usa dot com called the Hybrid by Innomed. It's a full face mask but instead of coming up over your nose it has nasal pillows on top. I highly recommend it!
    Hi Becky~ yes please have your husband contact me. The hoyer lift is already spoken for, sorry. She has a hospital bed, & shower chair and potty chair. Let me know :)
    Becky, I hope you'll find some relief from the injections you received in your shoulder. The process sounds awful of course. Have you been fitted for a pwc yet? Using one may help to alleviate the stress on your shoulder. Good luck, and let us know how you fare with the treatment for your shoulder.
    Becky Dear, it sounds like you're having a rough time Punkin! How's the shoulder? Can an adjustment fix it or a massage? Poor Baby Girl!
    Hi Becky! Sorry to hear about the decline in Resp. function. I'm getting BiPap and cough assist delivered tomorrow. Hope the splints work well for you and that your hands will be more comfortable. What is clinic prescribing for the "frozen shoulder"? My R hand and arm are beginning their decline and I've noticed some shoulder discomfort at times. Get some rest today!
    Hi Becky, we are pretty much in the same boat, tho my ability to type w finger or knuckle recently went. Just wanted to say hi, we're nearly neighbors!
    HI BECKY~~~~~I didn't see your post at tea till just now and I just wanted to say welcome home and HI! ;)
    Hi Becky: I really like your posts too and am just dropping a note to say hi!
    Much thanks for the inspiration, Jayne (caro)
    Hey Becky. I just looked at your "page". I'm so sorry you're going through this. I really am. You sound like a great person! Take care. Yasmin
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