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  • Hi Beckylou...you responded on one of my blogs about cramping when bending over. Not sure if you have read more, but I was diagnosed with ALS on 2/14/2013...Happy Valentine's Day huh?... YIKES!
    Do you still have cramping like that or has it gone away? Mine is still present, in fact when I am tying my shoe, or other reasons for bending, I still get a cramp and have to sit up straight until it subsides, which is usually a few seconds. I also get them in my neck sometimes after I yawn.
    Hope you are doing okay ad write me anytime!
    Thank you for your kind words and support. As I am sure with you, we have many good positive days and some not so much. Hearing others good and bad days is a wonderful help. I am not too far from you. I live on the US side of Canadian border next to Cornwall. I have been to museums in Ottawa which were great. Thank you again for your support.
    Hello and welcome. I cannot begin to even fathom the depth of your pain at the loss of your son... And now AlS. If there is anything I can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact me. This forum is a great place for reliable information, support and a few laughs too! Don't be a stranger.
    I was diagnosed in April 2012 and my son died the next month in May. I had to deal with my sons death first now ready to face ALS. I do have a positive outlook because of my faith and many friends who have been truly wonderful.
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