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    A big amen to what Joel said.
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    What goes first Speech or Eating

    Just started having problems with speech in Nov. 09, no problems with foods, only liquids right now.
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    Wife gives me 6ozs of prune juice, warmed a little and then a hot cup of coffee, every morning. Has worked so far.
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    Hubby is in ICU on a ventilator

    Hey Al, I received your e-mail wanting information on the pace maker. I had the pace maker put in on June 2, 2008. It was a year long study. At that time, my FVC was 80 and in August 2009, it was 69. I feel like that it has helped me. I'm not sure where I would be now if I had not had this...
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    What did everyone do for a living?

    I was a cryogenic operator in a plant, was working on my 20th year when diagnosed with ALS.
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    Referred to Dr. S.H. Appel in Houston

    Shatzie, glad to see you got your appointment so quick. I pray that you will get a non ALS diagnosed.
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    Referred to Dr. S.H. Appel in Houston

    Dr. Appel Carolan, I think you described Dr. Appel and his staff very well. I started seeing him in Feb. 06, referred to him by a friend in the Louisiana ALS Chapter. I was diagnosed in Dec. 05 by 2 other neuros that told me to go home and get my affairs in order. I don't know how to explain it...
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    Kid Kraddick helps ALS family

    My son-in-law came in from work tonight and wanted me to here this story he heard on the Kidd Kraddick radio show. A man wrote in to the show asking help for his best friend and his family. Go to the site below and tab down to Breaking and Entering Christmas, parts 2 and 3. It's a little long...
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    Fight For A Cure For ALS

    Hold put on ALS Registry Act I don,t know how many of you know, but the ALS Registry Bill was placed on the Senate calendar Thurs. to go to the floor for a vote. But Sen. Coburn from Oklahoma put a hold on the bill, it is my uderstanding from what the ALS assoc. told me is that the bill will...
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    New ALS Clinic

    pplalc, I'm sorry, it's
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    New ALS Clinic

    pplalc, I didn't answer your question about the clinic. I am told it will be a multi-disaplinary (spelling probably wrong) clinic just like the one that Dr. Appel has in Houston. If you go to you can call them and get more info, they are located in Baton Rouge.
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    New ALS Clinic

    Lafayette Clinic I just talked to the ladies from the Louisiana ALS last night at a support group meeting. Due to a few minor setbacks the first clinic in Lafayette will probably be in Feb., but there will be a clinic there. As Jamie said in his previous post, hats off to these two ladies. I...
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    bala80 I appreciate your response, I sent you a pm but I was told you may not have a pm box. Again my intentions were not meant to hurt you, I like what you said about getting to know your family, family and friends are very dear to have, mine have been such a great support to me during this...
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    Shoulder Stiffness

    My email is [email protected], I can't type alot so we might can get phone #'s. I have a friend coming over at 11:00 to work on my pc, so I might be down a little while, I will get back with you soon as I can.
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    Shoulder Stiffness

    Jake, do you have access to send a pm.