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  • Hi BDavis,

    I hope you and your daughter do well.

    I just wanted to ask how was your appointment with neurologist?
    What did he say about wrinkles and left hand?
    He didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I'm still scared and I think he missed something. But he gave me a thorough clinical exam and an emg. He said there were no signs of anything bad. Everything was normal. He said all he sees is a healthy young lady and that I don't have it. That's my third clean emg and my second clean clinical exam.
    Thanks @bdavis16 for the feedback. It is very good news that EMG and exams are clean.
    I hope it stays like this further.

    Regarding scare and stress, I kindly understand. I am scared too. I guess everybody asking here about symptoms is scared.
    Very difficult to fight against and bring the scare completely down. Nearly impossible.

    Blessings for you and your daughter! Take care!
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