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  • Ah! Hi! I see you figured out how to respond to a message too! Makes it easier to keep track of yout thread with me or whimever you're tlking to. I think the next meeting will be 2/28. Great group of people! I missed the last meeting. I can still talk but hands and legs don't work very well. I'm looking forward to meeting you! There are a couple people that are bulbar so you wont be the only one and we do pretty well in undeerstanding each other. See you soon! :)
    Hi Barbi! You're just down the road a bit! Now, I can't tell for sure from your reason for being here. Are you a PALS or CALS? There's a great ALS support group in Loveland just East of 25 that meets every 4th Tuesday from 1-2:30. Not in December but our next meeting is in January. Want to come? It would be great to meet you! They are a wealth of helpful information as is this message board. Welcome Sweet Heart! I'm sorry you're here but it is nice to meet a Coloradoan! Let me know if you need anything!
    {{{BIG HUGS}}}
    My blog which was started this past August. It is my way of being creative and speaking my truth.
    Nice pics,looks like you have had lots of fun.So sorry about your dx,mine was 8/2010.Pray you have a very slow progression.---------------------------Hugs Ken
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