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  • Thank you :) I've always liked yours! I was just about to ditch the new avatar photo for something else. Guess I'll let it stay for a while.

    How's the vegan thing going (or not) I really feel for you, and all CALs! My brother goes through those stages, most recently the gluten free, hidden allergies, eat all raw thing. But, he doesn't have ALS, and he's quite capable of fixing what he wants for himself.
    Hi Barbie - I rarely post anything here but saw your new post on taking time for yourself and totally related. My husband was diagnosed in 2009 and I work full time outside the home as does he. I am his full time caretaker as well (feed him, dress him, bathe him, etc.).My question is how do you not go crazy with all the demands of caretaking? I so wish I could bring in a part time care taker but won't until he can no longer work. How do you and your husband keep things romantic/fun/light? So many days I feel like running away as his life is now my life. (And we are not officially married so he's just my BF). We've been together for 4 years. Anyway, how to keep a marriage alive during this stressful, demanding job of caretaking? Are your friends helping you? Mine have all gone into hiding I feel. Well, just wanted to say hi and thanks for your posts.
    Hi Barbie, just saw your post. Hope your dad's bypass went well. He is probably home by now they do things so fast now! My dad is doing much better. Still staying with his lady friend. (they don't want to get married at 84 !!! lol) He wants to go home. Doesn't want a caregiver but needs one. Don't know what I am going to do since I'm two hours away. Staying home will wipe him out financially. My hubby sleeping right now. Always so tired bless his heart! Try to stay stress free. Love the pic of you and your husband. I need to put one out there too. Prayers to you...Pam
    Hi Barbie, My dad just got out of the hospital on Wednesday. Very weak but doing ok. Staying with a friend right now since I am 2 hours away. How is your Dad doing? Hope your hubby is doing ok too.
    Hi Barbie, I posted to you the other day about my Dad. Surgeon to speak to us at 3 today and he didn't come into the hospital for 2 1/2 hours at 5:30. My pals sat in the car for 2 1/2 hours. They will
    do surgery on Friday morning. Hope all goes well to repair his lung. Pretty busy christmas to say the least. Hope all goes well with your Father. Give your hubby a big hug of good wishes from us. Try to keep the stress at bay. Pam
    Hey girl, so sorry it took me so long to respond....all the freaks are definitely out (especially of late)! I'm gonna try and mind my P&Q's (it's gonna be hard as hell though....bunch of dumbasses). SERIOUSLY... Anyhooo, hope you and yours are doing okay and hanging in there. Big hugs are being sent your way!
    Haha, I loved your message....I needed a laugh! What the crap is up with the latest influx of "Do I have ALS" posts? I try to stay off that thread but I just can't help myself. I seriously want to reach out and slap the hell outta some of these folks! Some of these people actually seem to WANT this darn disease...what gives???? I'm kinda like Al there a contest to see how long you can make your posts! I have to say though, I luv this keeps me from slappin' the stew outta my PALS on a regular basis (God luv him)! I hope you're doing okay and hanging in there! Take care of yourself-----lots of hugs and thoughts being sent your way!

    I'm in Orlando.
    My wife passed (you might remember Krissy) and I have some extra time now.
    Anything you need, ask. I have stuff, I have time.
    Use my email. I don't check the forum.
    Atsugi (at)
    -- Mike
    Hey Thanks for thinking of us, gets tuff some days doesn't it..We had a good day, except now I have a head cold...yuck!!!
    Still surviving :) Love the Xena avatar. I used to love that show! Did you find a PT care giver?
    Thanks Barbie, now they are sweet most of the sometimes little demons..How are you and your family coping? Some days I wonder how I will keep on doing it..
    Thanks for asking. I'm still not sleeping, and thus not working many hours. Still have tons of post-funeral stuff to do.

    It was a wonderful fantastic event, Becca's 14th birthday. We worked together to prepare for it, had a totally loud and fun time.

    How are things there?
    Barbie, I'm so glad to count you as a virtual friend. Trfogey was wrong to attack you--he certainly has the right to be offended, but he needs to take it elsewhere.

    Krissy died quietly and quickly, There was never any plateau, not even for a minute. If there were a god, I'd thank her for letting Kris die on her own terms.
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