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  • I don't know what I am going to do when I have to have someone full time, I guess take half my salary and pay someone to stay while I work. Good thing I am not a drinker..haha
    Hey Barbie, I know how you feel Barbie, I just want my old husband back, but that ain't happeneing..sigh. I clean houses, so you can imagine how tired I am when I get home. Usually 2 big ones a day, sometimes 3. Right now bruce stays by himself, but hospice aids come a few hours after I leave, I come home to feed him lunch, and then someone else from hospice comes a few hours later. The nurse, chaplain or social worker. That way someone is checking on him through out the day.
    Thanks Barbie, I'll do that today. Sorry, didn't see the notification till this morning. I forget to look up in that corner! Hugs, Janice
    Hi Barbie,
    Thinking of you and hoping your week is going well. My dad will be seeing a ALS specialist on the 12th and they are going to run more tests on him. I wasn't impressed with the doctor who gave him his diagnosis so I'm hoping to find some more information. Stay strong. Hugs to you, Kim
    Hey sweetie, well it's going. Most of the time I am so tired from working, then Bruce is worse, so when I get home..I am paractically busy from the time I walk in til later on. You know how it is. I am too tired to respond too anything sometimes, so I just How are things going at your house?
    Hey Barbie, glad he is independent and doing well. Takes a load off of you for awhile. Stay in touch. Pam
    Hi Barbie, checking to see how your Dad is doing? Mine much better. Home, but would not accept any caregiver help. Fought me tooth and nail and I finally gave up. Did your dad accept help? If so, good for him. I wish my dad would let someone come in and help him out, but he won't have it. At least his lady friend helps out. Larry grows weaker and hard to get away as much to drive 2 hours to see him. Take care, prayers to you and your hubby.
    Hi, thanks for stopping by. I have been reading daily but not posted much...just too busy with adjusting to our new situation, with carers in our house almost 24/7. Work has picked up to. Stanley is now much bigger that on those photos, will have to update soon. Hope you are as good as can be. Dani
    Hi thanks for the feedback. I am still trying to figure this darn site out I'm not good with forums and blogs etc. I am good with computer etc but not these sites. I will try to post more and try to find out where I can find end of life info posts. Thanks :)
    Barbie , I am so sorry you are so down today, you are not alone . Not one of my beter days eithr. I had one to many beers, and i dont drink!, My pityparty is all alone, cant show i am not a warrior, Must keep up an be strong but i too have my down days. I will be praying for you sweetheart, Be strong as I am in your shadow as a warrior sister. Hand in hand, just dont let me fall and i wont let you either. LOVE & {{{HUGS}}}
    Hey wonder why you coulndnt leave a messagge for me? I'll check my settings. Yes lets kick some butt! ....I had to put in friendship request even though you are my friend..hmmmm {HUG}
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