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  • Of course. Prayers. This news is so tragic. I'm sure you'll be a great comfort to those poor children in the years ahead. Might be a good idea for you to jot down stories about their mom which you can share with the kids in the future. Time has a way of making us forget things as it moves along.
    Oh I love fairs! Such fun. The aroma of greasy food combined with the smell of manure! Nothing beats it. Memories of my youth, when fairs used to be about the best cows, pinkest sows, shiniest horses. Now, around here, they're petting zoos! Sigh.
    How are you doing? Hope all is going ok, I'm headed out to the minnesota state fair today with the fam! It's going to be a hot one!! Have a wonderful weekend!! :). God bless!!
    Glad you are doing better! Stay away from all medical sites. Really, you'll just feel worse. Ignore people who say doctors are stupid. Yes, there good doctors and better doctors... But they all pass the same exams! EMG tests are accurate tools to diagnose the very vast majority of ALS patients. Are there exceptions? Probably... but very very few. Some people have also been diagnosed with ALS and it turns out to be something else. I call those miracles. Take care.
    I am very very happy for you! Yes, please get the anxiety issues treated... And these are so very treatable. Then, go live a good life! Thank you for remembering us. Don't forget to spread awareness about ALS.

    Please please let go of this fear of yours. No one but you can get it done. In my experience, I've come to know that answers, such as you are seeking, are found within your own self. Not on the outside of yourself. Does this make sense? Can you please see if your doctor can get you in with a top notch therapist? A counsellor can help you in either case - if you don't have anything wrong and if you do. Either way, it's a win win. You will drive your family and friends away if you don't stop this. Hell, even the good people here - and they are very very good people- are getting exasperated at your persistence. Step out of yourself, look at your behaviour, and decide for yourself if you actually think it's reflective of a rational adult. I do fully understand fear. I'm living it every single day. I don't know what I'm going to lose next. But, I have to suck it up and keep on keeping on. You can do it too. I'm sure you can.

    No one, absolutely no one, is asking you to leave, we are trying to reach you! You are out of control. Your doctor is not " worried" about your tongue. I strongly suspect, he simply either commented or you asked him about it. I still believe you do not have ALS, and I believe you have health anxiety. Neither are comfortable conditions, but the latter doesn't kill you. I sincerely sincerely hope you get it together, otherwise you'll be wasting precious time. Life is way way too short. Be kind to yourself.
    You have too much time on your hands! Lots of people have twitching tongues. It's not always an indicator of a fatal disease. I'm off to church now and I'll keep you in my prayers this morning. Praying helps me keep centred. Try it - it may work for you too. Now go do something fun! Time's a wastin'
    So far so good!! Please, don't wear any skin lotion whatsoever before your EMG. Lotion can make it more ouchy... Just in case they forget to tell you. I'm still betting on BFS. Take care.
    That's great news - betting on BFS. Now get out of here! But do come back in two weeks with an update.
    I understand your fear. Really, I do. But, in my totally non-medical opinion, clean EMG indicates no ALS. So, I'm leaning towards no ALS. At this point, if I were you, and for peace of mind, I'd be asking the second neuro for a referral to an ALS clinic for further investigation. Please keep in mind, that many many other most treatable conditions can and do mimic ALS. I would not be jumping to conclusions, just yet. I know it's hard, but do yourself a huge favour - Stay off the Internet for the next two weeks - and try to shift your focus to something else. It's not easy, but it's not impossible.
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